Sunday, 17 April 2016

Saturday - Snow shuffle and sail

Having left home in sunshine 5 miles later Jane, my wife and today serving in the coffee pot cafĂ©, and I were heading into a winter snow scene.

It didn't last and the shunt took place in less harsh condition. Richard, Phil and Andy sorted the third rake of carriages ready for the War in the Cotswold week-end on the 23-24 of April. It was a good job they did it in good time as a few issues were found that we now have time to rectify next week.

Now you might think that with the recent weather we have become rather pessimistic. John Osborn setting the sail

The first one up another to do.
They are in fact a pair of high level welding curtains. Any welding over half way up a carriage is over the top of our normal screens. So John has made some taller ones.
John and Andy, again avoiding a trip to the gym, as they cut a longer thread on the water tank filler pipe.

I was sent up on the roof of 25451 to connect it all up and paint all the pipe work. Note the layer of dust still on the roof! We sort of hope that it will get blown off during the shunt that bring the carriage into the paintshop. That day was still and dry. Just don't disturb it while the painters are in action!
Dave was continuing the varnish removal in the centre vestibule

having agreed with Eddie a regime for staining the new corridor panelling. There are more of these and they will all need a first coat of varnish on Tuesday.
 Steve completed the floor boarding in both toilets and made a start on the first sections of wall panelling.
In the barn work, or more accurately demolition of the side of the LMS brake van continued as the rotten wood was identified and the hand rails removed. Derek made a start on remounting the buffers.

In the work shop John Osborn and James were both making sparks John repairing a vacuum pipe dummy for the Skeleton van while James used the plasma cutter to fashion a section plate for the end of FO 3132.
John Hill arrived with another delivery of moquette for new seat covers.

I don't think it was the same stuff but Penny was cutting section for more arm rests for 4614 seats. There are 5 in the foreground I wonder how many make up a set? I'm guessing its 32.

Jenny and John doing their double act again sewing a seat back. Stand well back the needle in jenny's hand is at least 6"  long.

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