Monday, 25 April 2016

Saturday Music while you work

Report by Dave Clark

A very satisfying day with a good number in despite several of our staff being away and helping out with the Wartime weekend. The weather was thankfully a lot better than originally predicted, and in particular for anyone working outside the wartime songs coming from Platform 2 provided a nice background.

Making a change from painting and looking very much the part for the weekend activities was Cheryl, who helped out as one of the crossing monitors.

The cosmetic tidy-up of the tube wagons and Toad brake van in the sidings opposite C&W was almost completed, with respectively Martin Jauch

and Tony Caulfield working on them in the morning, followed by Pam Brown and myself during the afternoon. The overall result is a vast improvement from the original scruffy line.

During the morning the refurbished vacuum cylinder was put back on the skeleton van.

Paul Ellis cleaned up more of the underframe metalwork on the skeleton van.

Continuing the freight vehicle theme, with the new wooden base plates in place on the LMS guards van, the buffers were reinstated by Ian Stroud and Richard Johnson.

With the job completed Richards greases the buffer shafts.

Continuing refurbishment of the bogie in the Barn, John Hamer carefully removes one of the springs from the Cotswold side.

Progress on FO 3132 is good now that it is in the Workshop. Ian begins stripping the attachments to the vacuum cylinder ready for its removal for servicing.

At the north end James pauses for me to take the shot before adding more spot welds.

Pam Brown, assisted by John Osborn, measures up the size of sheet metal required for this under-window corner. The panel had been recut to square up the cut-out.

Pam later cleans up around the cut-out in preparation for welding in the new piece.

John Squires cuts more sheet metal for the north end of 3132.

While Andy Turner tests the new cut thread on one of the filler pipes due to be reinstated when all the re-panelling has been completed.

Chris Taylor sorted out one of our spare doors to fit temporarily to CK 7221 in the Barn - Chris hopes that the door may become permanent if the fit is good.

Phil Salter services the battery control box on the coach.

Inside SK 25451 the varnish removal and sanding down of the veneer panelling continued, with Alan Baugh working in the south end vestibule

and George Rowland doing any further sanding where required on the corridor panelling.

Steve Barnfield cuts out more bits of the heavy plywood for floor replacement in the north end toilet and corridor area.

Well away from it all in the peace and quiet of the Upholstery shop, John Hill was stapling up another re-covered side panel for TSO 4614.

Jenny Turner sews up more cut pieces of moquette ready for re-covering a seat from the coach.

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