Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Tuesday - Glorious Day

Report by Dave Clark

What were we doing stuck inside on such a lovely day? However some good progress with just 10 in today, and we all had our lunch outside in the sun.

In the Barn John Hamer was busy removing the parts of the bogie that would allow the south end wheelset to be exchanged with one of the recently purchased ones.

Richard Stone and Phil Hooton removed the old floor planks (in the foreground) from the Skeleton Van. Phil is busy sweeping wood fragments from the frame girders.

Then it was back to power brushing away the rust prior to coating in red oxide.

Dave Dron 

The few seats and backs from blue DMU W51360 that are being re-covered - unfortunately we haven't got enough of this particular moquette to complete the job.

This is it! The ceremonial emptying 
into the metal skip of the 3 containers of staples extracted from all the DMU seating over the past few months.

In the Paintshop we are now getting well stuck into SK 25451. Cheryl is gradually making her way along the Cotswold side, checking that all the filled areas are completely rubbed down and then wiping down the bodywork with thinners. Richard Hoy is following on marking out the top and bottom line positions using Rod Wells' excellent tool.

On the Malvern side Stu Howarth is similarly checking the filled areas and cleaning up with thinners.

Dennis completed the filling and sanding on the north end, and then gave both sides and the end panelling another coating of undercoat light grey.

Stu moved on the cleaning up the corridor connection and priming with oxide, and then started on the unsanded door which is still in the former choc & cream livery.

With the 
lining out tape in place on both the main areas of the Cotswold side, it is now an easy job for Richard to add the tape accurately across the centre door.

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