Thursday, 10 March 2016

Wednesday - The next coat of paint

23 volunteers made through the storm to Winchcombe today with reports of flooded roads in all directions.

It was a case of Deja Vu today with much of the painting yesterday being given the next coat today. The footboards getting the rest of their top coat gloss black paint.  I started this off but handed over to Alan who completed them and did the connection woods for 25451 as well.
 In the afternoon he switch to the various next coats of paint for the light fittings also started yesterday.

Ainsley was also back continuing the silver painting on the grill he started yesterday.

Having updated the pictures displayed in the discovery carriage; Des was painting the primer on the boards for the Toddington heritage trail.

To complete the painting section of todays blog here are the axle box guides welded back in place and painted with red oxide.

Earlier in the day as John was removing them and cleaning up the bogie mount points it was very evident how cold it was it the barn. Note John's Heavy coat it has to be very cold before it come out.

Nick was interrupted from his construction of a storage frame for the plywood sheeting to go out and do the welding. Here he is finishing off the first of the 2 matching frames

while John Varley completed the metal repairs to the third of 14 door for BSO 34929. Later in the day he was helping Nick cut the steel sections for the second storage frame.

It the woodwork shop Colin was preparing some frame work edging for 25451.

while Dave Ward and Eddie sized up some more door panelling.

Paul working on a door from 25451. Here making sure the water run off from the windows does run off and not lay in a puddle along the internal rails and rot them.

Mike has progressed another of the door to the point of fitting the window edge trims. From observation we seem to always start new panelling at the bottom of the door and work up towards the top. there is nothing scientific in this process its just the way we do it.
 Where as the process being stated by Phil and Richard is totally different. We haven't done one of these DMU corridor connections before so its a question of make it up as you go along. Especially as we didn't remove it in the first place so haven't a clue how it was put together originally.

A couple of you have recently been kind enough to suggest we are miracle workers in C&W.
However, if you happen to know the magic spell that makes this reassemble itself
we would very much like to hear from you!!!

New Volunteer David sanding some of the wood window trims for the corridor side of 25451

he had earlier been on sanding and rubbing down duties on the Malvern side of 25451 with Trevor who is still at it in this picture. I had been working on the north end corners.
Finally, well very nearly finally, the upholstery team finish more of the DMU first class seats.
There really can't be many left to do!
Are you ready for the shock?
Dave in the foreground has actual started on a MK1 First Class seat back. He was removing the arm rests for recovering.


Ian B said...

Class 117 Corridor connector = there is an additional trapezium shaped floor plate that was sent down with the vehicle. Also the over arch woodwork was in the guard's compartment! Ian B :-)

Nina Athena said...

Thank you for sharing this on your blog! It is very helpful for my insight! Please update more posts about this. Would love to see more updates from you.

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