Thursday, 31 March 2016

Wednesday - heavy sanding

As reported earlier we are trying to get as much of the internal sanding of 25451 done as possible before it is shunted into the paintshop on Saturday.

To that end both Trevor and Dave was working away at it today and halved what was left to do.

Martin was also sanding. This another of the sections of window trim for 25451. While (not pictured) Mike was working away on the skeleton van.

Keeping the all round progress going Mike Blakemen completed door 4 from 25451 which we they duly rehung on the carriage.

With that work bench clear were moved door 6 from 3132 in the barn and brought that into the workshop for stripping and cleaning before it moves on into the door team area of the woodwork shop. When we removed the lock we found this the original manufactures warranty label still intact. It reads 'Pickersgill Kaye Ltd Warranty void if removed' (I wonder just how long is the warranty? No matter we serviced the lock anyway). It appears none of the 4 end door locks on this carriage have ever been touched before. The centre doors had been sealed up out of use for mainline running.

Having serviced the lock Mike put it through our test rig to check the action tolerances.

Paul so nearly completed door 6 from 25451 as well but the need to do a little extra repair to a section of the wood meant it will now be ready for re-hanging next week

Aware that the door will keep coming Dave Ward was already preparing sections of wood for more new door panels to be made.

Colin was busy making the small covers go in the entrance vestibules (but I can't remember what they cover! I will have to check.)

John Varley having completed the last of the door skin welding for the moment made and added some end caps to the plywood frame. Here Clive applied the red oxide to the whole frame having already done much the same to the Skeleton van.

In the upholstery shop John and Penny (and Dave out of shot) completed the 5 seat replacements for the Buffet car and returned to the last few seats for the Blue DMU. During the day they also removed a couple of seats from TSO 4614, the next carriage scheduled for restoration, the assess the work required.

John Hamer continued the work on FK 13337's bogies. After the last work it was measurement time. this revealed that the south end bogie was spot on and about the most level bogie he's seen. The north end bogie proved to have a tilt end to end. After some reorganisation of the spring packers this too came into balance.

So then it was over to Malcolm to start the row exercises needed to do up (or undo) the keep bolts. Doing a set of keep bolts is easily equivalent to a seat in the boat race.

There was another coast of paint for just about anything in sight on the paint tables. Today done by Des before he moved on to fill sand and paint the final corner of 25451.

handed in today by a member of the P'way gang having found it by the track side was this Bolt plate with maroon paint on it. The paint looks fairly new so its a little treasure hunt for the maintenance team to track down where it came from.


Clive said...

Pickersgill Kaye Ltd are still going and still make railway locks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they still have parts?

Anonymous said...

If you have parts that have a tendency to drop off rolling stock why don't you take a leaf out of the locomotive dept.'s book and mark the parts with the number of the wagon/carriage it has been fixed to, it will save you having to search the fleet !!!!

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...
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The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

Looking at Pickersgill Kayes web site I would think they could still supply locks etc. Though at what price or quantity there is no way to tell without making a specific enquiry.

Urm, we don't expect bits to fall off! I'm slightly surprised the loco department seem too.

Clive said...

The wayward 'thing' is most interesting. Normally only our coaches are painted maroon, and then only the bodies above the underframe. Whatever this is, it's not detached from a coach body. Looks like at one stage it had 4 hefty bolts to attach it, yet there's no no obvious signs of wear around the countersunk bolt holes - as far as I can tell from the pic. That painted surface looks like it was heavily corroded before it was painted too.

All in all looks like something that belongs below the solebar - but then why isn't it black?

Clive said...

Can't tell the scale from the pic - what are it's dimensions?