Thursday, 17 March 2016

Wednesday - Goings

One normally thinks of comings and goings. However, today it was all goings. Two of Andrew's vehicles departed for Sharpness this one leaving just as I arrived.

Later in the day the lorry returned and the second one was loaded and departed.

We also dispatched two bogies they came under a van we purchased but it was ONLY the van we purchased so we have now returned the ones used for delivery purposes. We have some spares that we are using for the van.

We also found the missing section of DMU corridor connection trim. Well what's left of it which fortunately is just over half so Eddie is starting to fabricate a new piece.

As per Tuesday numbers were low with many working on the race trains. It was an opportunity for some knowledge transfers. Derrick discussing door locks with Mick.

before he stripped the lock down for servicing.

It was still shining like new, I'm not sure we have ever seen one like this before, and well greased so a simple reassembly was all that was required this time.

Mike was positioning the mount bracket for a door strap and working on the adjacent panelling

while Craig was removing the perished door seals from 25451.

Colin returned from Toddington having fitted temporary door to the signal box. No this isn't a letter box in the old door just an example of the rot. Colin will be making a new door.

While talking of new wooden pieces Kern was fitting the new woods to the end of 25451 only to find the rodding channel for the communication cord mechanism was too shallow so they had to com off again. Eddie routed out the channel and I painted the sections again. Maybe we can try fitting them again tomorrow if they have dried if not it will be Saturday.

Trevor Des and later Ainsley did some more filling sanding and the wiping down and re-greying on the Malvern side of 25451. were

Maurice, Dave out of picture and later Mike joined them sanding a collection of window trims for the corridor side of 25451.

Steve completed the major part of the panelling on the DMU today.

while the upholstery team reduced the DMU seats outstanding list to just three seat backs.

Ther final seat base cover is made!

We consumed what appeared to be a pack of sawdust covered marshmallows. Fortunately it turned out to be a crushed biscuit topping. WHY?

A final puzzle for you anyone recognise either the style of the art work or where it represents?

The artist in this case is Ainsley.


Ken said...

Sheerness? I thought it was Sharpness!

I hope the driver knew where he was going.

Stu H said...

If it was Sheerness, he must have been moving to get there and back within a working day