Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Tuesday & Wednesday

Dave apparently has some nice picture from Tuesdays efforts in C&W. unfortunately no computer to send them and the report to me. The perils of doing an upgrade strike again!

So her are a mix of things that cover the two days.

The most obvious results from Tuesday are the Blue DMU with its seats largely reinstalled.

and the the newly painted floor of the luggage area.

As you will have noted from the first picture there are still a few seats to go in at the far end. Two reasons, firstly there is a window frame still to be fitted (far end right of the picture) and we are 6 seats short finished in the correct moquette.

Having finished the first class seats for the DMU Centre car, these are the last ones waiting to be transported to Toddington for fitting,

and having accumulated 3 litres of extracted staples.

The upholstery team were wondering what to do next. So Penny started a search through the stock of  'scraps' and 'offcuts' to find what we had to match up

later in the day proof of her success with the first of the missing seat covers completed ready for fitting to a frame.
So it was no real surprise to find Dave removing a 'wrong' moquette cover and extracting more staples from that
Work on the bogies under FK 13337 'Gillian' has progressed well. The first end now completed and riding at the correct height at last. John Hamer has now started on the other end with Ken. The Cotswold side stripped out cleaned and now re-assembled

with the other side stripped out and being cleaned up

One of the pairs of spring awaiting attention.
Also awaiting attention is the C&W lawn
OK so its the floor of the latest goods van now in for restoration. The skeletal frame is being wire brushed (a power brush) and red oxide painted on. Mick David and Trevor all involved.

Nick has straightened out a section of bent plate the bright red glowing patch is where he softened the metal with some heat first, before beating it back to shape.
He then returned to making the second of the frames for the plywood storage. We are going to need it very soon. The sides and roof of the goods van was and will be plywood.

The second frame braced to the first to get the sizing right.

Ken replaced the end woods on the north end of 25451 and prepared the corridor connection the get lifted back on a job for tomorrow.

With Paul and Mike working on the last 2 doors for the carriage Craig is ensuring the portals are ready and in good condition to receive them so wood repairs to one of the lock positions.

Tony refitted the last of the window sliders in 25451 today and switch to sanding one of the sliding corridor doors.

There was also much prep work carried out on the ends of the carriage getting it ever more ready for the paintshop.
Eddie has also completed the manufacture of a new arch piece to complete the DMU corridor connection fitting.


mike slipper said...

You are simply marvels in c and w

Ken said...

John Hamer has now started on the other end with Ken.

T'wain't me. I weren't there. Try Richard!

And on Wednesday, I was busy with 'Endology' progression.