Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Tuesday - Very quiet

Report by Dave Clark

With the Race trains running, and a number of our staff helping out on them during the four days of the Cheltenham Festival, we had a very quiet day with just 6 in. Richard and Christine Johnson, and Roger Whicker, turned up during the long break between the morning and evening trains, with Roger donning his overalls to work inside SK 25451.

 "Dinmore Manor" with the choc&cream rake returns to Cheltenham to collect the happy racegoers. 

 Vivien was the only upholsterer in today. With all the others away and no list of things to be done, having sewn up the first class DMU seat cover

she joined the painting team for the rest of the day and tidied up some of the paintwork on the Discovery Coach as well as giving another top coat to the internal back plates for TSO 4772's new lamp shades.

Another job was adding varnish to the new stained corner strips in the blue power car.

Inside the small compartment there is a strip of Formica missing. However, a blend of interior white, red and blue paints gave a very close match to its colour and, after Keith had added the first coat, we were very pleased with the result. By the end of the day it was dry enough for me to add a second coat.  

Keith had a very busy day with the brush, completing just about everything in sight on these trestles, bar the maroon sliders to which I added a further coat to the normally inaccessible side of the frame. 

Tony was back working on SK 25451, sanding down more filler and greying up some new areas which have now become accessible. He then painted some more of the inside parts of the window slider frames, a useful job while the sliders are out.

Richard Stone was mounting the final bits of door furniture on the Wartime van. The completed van will see daylight on Saturday when it is shunted out. It will make a superb sight, so definitely cameras at the ready!

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