Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tuesday - A proud moment

Report by Dave Clark

Another 12 attending today, which typically for Tuesdays tends to be the quiet day and revolves mainly around the Paint and Upholstery shops. John Hamer came in later on to complete his axle box inspections for the Commonwealth bogies on the Choc & Cream and Maroon rakes, with just two coaches for the Third rake remaining to be done. The information will be used to update our coach records.

A very proud moment for Richard Stone who, with regular help from Phil Hooton, and today Dennis Stevens, has just about completed the box van ready for the Wartime in the Cotswolds event in April. Today the four fully-painted doors were re-hung and the relevant door furniture put back, and all fitted and worked perfectly. This just leaves some minor painting and a few more bolts to put in.

New volunteer Stu grins as he completes the undercoating of the top sides of the new foot boards. It turns out that these are a supply for our Maintenance gang to replace worn out boards when they come across them in our three rakes.

The top sections of the first class DMU seats then received a light sand and a further coat of varnish. A final coat will be done before these are fitted.

The heavy wooden back plates for the north end corridor connection on SK 25451 receive a top coat of gloss black.

On board the blue power car Dennis, assisted by Phil, attaches the final coat rack. This one was particularly awkward to fit which is why it had been left until last. Dennis then went on to refit all the floor heating covers in both compartments.

Richard Hoy worked on the power car cab door, giving a final sand and clean up of the edges and window frame, before applying a coat of varnish. The tan coloured paint was also sanded prior to having a second coat (this is the same paint as used for our Mk 1 corridor end doors). The original Formica had been too badly damaged in this are for restoration.

Ainsley applies aluminium paint to one of the power car's underframe units.

Upstairs in the Upholstery shop Penny uses a template to mark out the under material for a number of DMU first class seat side panels.

John Hughes and Dave are busy stripping another two first class seats, while Vivien ensures the staples are flat in her newly covered side panel.

Another batch of completed items of DMU first class seating all ready for collection and fitting by Stu Hamilton. 

With so much trestle usage currently taking place, the lamp shades for TSO 4772 have been moved along the Paintshop wall. Some are almost complete, while the batch in front are being primed by Richard Hoy.

Having completed his fill of painting, Stu goes back to SK 25451 and sands down the filler applied on Saturday.

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