Thursday, 3 March 2016

Tuesday - home and away

Report by Dave Clerk.

Another new month begins and just 4 days before the new season kicks off. Just a need for some recharged batteries for RBr 1672, and the Choc&Cream rake was ready to return to Toddington with the 03 shunter (which requires some servicing) - the 04 has been brought down in its place. Several years ago both shunters were resident at Winchcombe. 

On the Away theme where we are helping other departments, Cheryl top coats what will be a temporary door for Toddington signalbox. In the foreground awaiting collection are the gleaming new notice board for Cheltenham Racecourse Station and the "Not to be moved" flag repainted by Alex on Saturday. The new signal box key made by Pam on Saturday for S&T has been painted and is ready for collection.

Back to home and inside the blue power car W51360, varnishing continues, with Cheryl doing the newly installed panelling in the small compartment. Using a mix of stains Eddie has done a very good job matching the new plyboard panelling with the original 1960's formica.

In the large compartment Richard continues with the window frames, adding first or second coatings of varnish accordingly. We will probably give each frame a third coat to provide not only a good finish, but also good protection against any condensation.

Various parts of the underfame will be painted. Ainsley begins with the speedo cable and attachments, before proceeding to the the electrical equipment covers. The axlebox and battery box 
covers will also be done.

In the background Keith completes the top coating in Silver Grey of 51360's blind box, having prepared and painted more of the lamp shades for choc&cream TSO 4772.

Doing something completely different, Dennis mounts some photos of departed and much missed members of C&W on our "Stairway to Heaven".

Upstairs in the Upholstery workshop Dave and Vivien (got you name spelt correctly at last!) prepare the bases for more of the first class seating for the DMU centre car. There cannot be many left to do now.

Making use of the old moquette to provide extra padding is well worth while.

Activity on SK 25451 was back to the filling and sanding with Tony and Stu working on the Malvern side.

On the Cotswold side Malcolm worked on the inside edges of the north end door frame, ensuring this is completely clear of old cracked paint and filling any gaps between the capping strip and wood frame.

Later in the day, the lads were greying up on the Malvern side. After a quick training session, this was Stu's first go at coach painting and a very good job he made of it too.

In the Barn John Hamer, assisted by Dennis, worked on setting the bogie riding levels of CK 16195 and their efforts to improve the ride.

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