Thursday, 31 March 2016

Tuesday - Deadlines approaching

Report by Dave Clark

A quieter day with just 9 in attendance. With so many things to get done this week it was a busy day, but great to have the trains running past for some light relief.

In the Barn John Hamer was working on the bogies for both FK 13337 "Gillian" and FO 3132 (sorry - no picture). "Gillian" will be needed in the Third Rake for the Wartime weekend in just over 3 weeks time, while for the part-restored FO the bogies are being prepared for a wheel set change. Work started on Saturday to remove the keeps from the bottom of the axle boxes. Those efforts although not seemingly very fruitful did enough as John was able to complete the task today with only 2 bolts sacrificed.

With blue DMU W51360 due out on Saturday, the many remaining jobs were steadily being progressed. The unit will in fact remain in the yard for a while to enable us to complete as much as possible before it returns to Toddington.

Ainsley completed some minor paint jobs in the Guards/luggage compartment and then cleaned up the two large entrance chequer plates.

Cheryl completed the internal varnishing in the south end of the large passenger compartment.

Richard cleaned up and then painted the badly faded internal flaps for the corridor connection. Other jobs involved Richard, Ainsley and I cleaning windows, door and grab handles, and tidying-up various bits of paintwork. The new heavy base plate for the corridor connection was also painted in gloss black.

In the Workshop Stu Howarth continued the lengthy sanding job in SK 25451's corridor and completed another section. We need to get as much of this done as possible before this comes into the Paintshop.
Continuing with the skeletal ex-GWR box van, Richard Stone and Phil Hooton tackled more of the cleaning up and oxidising of the framework. Later on the rotten north end flooring was removed and the heavy plywood covering moved to the south end.

It was just Dave in the Upholstery shop today. What was that about finishing the DMU seats, that looks horribly like another one! (we finished the first class seats for the green centre car. We are still short of about 6 5 for the blue DMU).

One side of the 17 pattress plates for the Toddington History Trail were given a second coat of gloss brown top coat by Cheryl.

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