Friday, 18 March 2016

Thursday - Refit

Waiving to lots of out C&W colleagues as they go past on the race train means one thing; another quieter day in C&W. Even with most of the Maintenance team in attendance we still only just mustered above the 20 mark.

This meant Bob had the DMU to himself today and applied a coat of varnish all round. That's the new side panelling and the window frames. well done Bob. We just need to finish off the black skirting and the seats can go back in!

Perhaps I shouldn't have mentioned that as Stuart is still doing his epic job of reinstalling the first class seats in the DMU Centre car. Here the first of the new varnished cap strips in place.
(pictures by Stuart)

 Also going back in today was the last window removed from 25451. First a thorough clean then apply the mastic sealant to the edges
Fit and secure. This is actually a slow process as we gradually tighten the window screws over a couple of weeks to get the mastic bedded in properly.
More refitting was going on in the barn as the replacement spring in the bogie under 13337 'Gillian' was installed. The BR standard procedure document has 10 simple steep

and the 11th says 'Refit by reversing the process above'. Yeah

Being bogie springs they are big, heavy and not easy to manoeuvre. There is a lot jacking up lifting and lifting accompanied by several heave and grunts. These are NOT mentioned in the procedure but very necessary to achieving the various steps involved.

All of this was required because we found a broken spring and also because we couldn't get the ride height very much below the stated maximum. Just about everything has to be unbolted including the damper

With everything loose the springs were removed and various spacer plates removed. Everything was cleaned up and reassembly completed. Thankfully a check of ride height showed that we had got it down to near the bottom end of the limit. So before final reassembly we are putting  some of the spacer plates back for the optimum settings. One line and so far its taken a whole day.
Well done John and Ken.

The model railway carriage having been moved around for some replacement bogies to be fitted over the winter was found to be slightly out of position. So a gang went to platform 2 in the sunshine and moved either it or the adjacent wagons a bit to allow proper fitting of the access steps. While they were at it they gave it a wash as well.

Another of the annual checks was carried out today this time the welding gas bottles and gauges.
Having seen off 2 bogies yesterday (Wednesday) today we welcomed the arrive of 4 wheel sets with good tyre depths still available on them. These will be swapped into use replacing the worst of our worn ones.
There was still some of the more routine work going in. In the workshop Martin finished some sanding and greyed up the north Cotswold corner of 25451. (and a bit on the Malvern side)

Malcolm from serving race goes yesterday was back on the rook of 3132 today continuing the roof painting and John Hughes who I missed on the picture round up removed a lot more old staples from the remaining DMU first class seats.
The maintenance team were busy checking and oiling the freight train ready for a charter outing soon.
The Banana Van was never envisaged to join the operational freight set.
While we ware well aware of the difference in LMS chassis length 16.5 feet to the 16 feet of the GW body we had/have no intentions to alter anything in that respect. The two were married together long before the vehicle arrived on the railway and yes it would have been grey as suggested and now confirmed by our expert on these things. (What do I know. Not a lot!)
However, after several inspections over the last few days the state of the underframe will require very much more restoration work than we can currently be devote to it, (even with our normal workforce). So it will be returning to a spot on the back siding for a while longer. In its place we have 2 options and we may well do them both!
The first is this LMS 20Ton Brake van
the other is a vacuum braked box van which when restored would serve both as a storage van and be available for use in an operational freight set. As it is there is no box. No really, NO box. It is just a skeletal frame at present and I can't currently find a picture of it in my collection.
Not surprising really. It is also tucked away on a back siding. I will get a picture as soon as its possible to get a clear view.

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