Friday, 11 March 2016

Thursday - wide spread workings

Report by Dave Clark

Twenty four turned up today, but we were somewhat scattered about with maintenance outside and cleaning inside the Maroon rake continuing, even some tidying up on the Discovery Coach and progress for the Steam carriage.

Inside the blue power car, Martin and Jim were busy adding further coats of varnish to the new panels - the small compartment is now complete in that respect. This also included the new corner beading strips to which were added more of the stain mix prior to varnishing.

Jim primes a hardboard strip for which the original Formica had been removed as it was in a poor state. This will be painted to match as far as possible the existing Formica.
Richard wasn't keen on his initial varnishing on the cab door. As such he re-sanded the door edges and window frame, and then applied some Dark Mahogany stain. Later on he reapplied the varnish and the overall result looked much better. Another two coats and it will look superb.

 What I didn't record was Phil working on the corridor end of the power car. Being somewhat different from a Mk 1 coach, this should be an interesting project.

 From the woodworking and painting point of view, we are currently doing a lot for other departments. Michael undercoats the boards that will be used for the Toddington Heritage Trail. We were also repainting a shelf from Winchcombe signal box for S&T.

The new converted lamp shades for TSO 4772 are well on their way, with Jeff completing the undercoating. Four have already had their first top coat.
 Stu was back on SK 25451 completing the filling and sanding down on the Malvern side. As such the area between the two end doors is now finished. It will have a final greying up where required.

Pete was sanding down another of the window sets from 25451. Each set comprises the main base, side pieces and hand rail, and is lettered to that each will be returned to the correct window.

At the north end Ken continues the job of remounting the communication cord apparatus. Here he is grinding off the excess from the bolts attaching a base plate.

Roger cleans up the sealant on one of the reinstated Cotswold side windows.
Inside one of the compartments, Pat firmly holds the inner window base strip while Tony gently hammers it against the metal window frame. This enables the prongs at the base of the metal frame to mark the points that need to be drilled in the new base strip.

Alan and Ron apply the sealant to another cleaned up pane.

Work on FO 3132 quietly continues, with the doors undergoing refurbishment, and Malcolm back on the roof applying more top coat.  The FO will be next in the Workshop when 25451 enters the Paintshop in about 4 weeks time.
Also in the Barn was Richard Drewitt working on one of the new base frames for the water tanks that will be fitted into the boiler van.

Capturing our Maintenance gang at work, John Appleton was applying grease to the back parts of each coach buffer.

Making the most of a non-running day, we are tidying up bits of paintwork on the Discovery Coach. Richard cleans the green off the edge of the roof. The edge will have a fresh coat Flint Grey paint.

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