Friday, 25 March 2016

Thursday - Throng

With the maintenance team in today we totalled 30 volunteers in action.

I arrived  just in time to wave at Stuart as he departed with the final set of First Class seats for the lass DMU centre car. With them fitted there is just the trim strips along the tops of the seats and some trim panels to go.
picture by Stuart Hamilton

The blue DMU motor car is not far behind Phil still working on getting the corridor connection fitted. Today he was adjusting the height of the connection and preparing the inner  side sections of wood. These support the inner orange facer plates. The outer ones can be seen in the picture.

Cheryl painted up the drivers side of the driver compartment door. Grey to match the rest of that section. It should be dry for fitting on Saturday.
Steve was fitting the final window frame and the surrounding wood trim strips

before moving on to make the roof formers for the goods van. During the afternoon Dave Hancox did some more work on the van's framework.
25451 was not surprisingly the main focus of activity today. John Osborn in specially to finish re plating the north end Malvern side corner almost got it finished. With all the panels in place he will just need to join up the dots on Saturday

The interior team were in full swing, preparing the two toilet windows for reinstalling. They were slightly hampered by both the lack of a floor in that area and John O welding one side.
They were framed, sorry it had to be said!

All the interior wood window linings, for the whole carriage, have to be sanded re stained and re varnished. So there was a lot of sorting

Some early varnishing of OK sections.

Sanding of others

and repairing of some sections

While Bob got on and painted the ceilings in half the compartments.

I set about removing the old perished mastic from the toilet windows and cleaning them ready to go back in next week. The old sealant partly off

In the barn Ken continued the work of cleaning up the bogie and springs

and also the bolts. My that's a big one!

Late in the day we took the opportunity to rehang the corridor connection. It still needs all the fixings and fitting to be done.
A slightly unexpected pleasure was the several passes of the driving experience train.
I'm to sure it was a pleasant experience going backwards into the rain though. It's very exposed.


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