Saturday, 12 March 2016

Saturday - Surprise

Well it was surprisingly quiet in C&W today with

3 visiting the West Somerset Gala,
The upholstery team absent and Shock horror as far as I know without finishing the DMU seats first
and 2 more, Husband and wife, Andy and Jenny only popping in to deliver birthday cake as they have birthdays on consecutive days
Jenny lights the candle. It looks more like P'Way doing track welding!

 Stand back.
There was more cake as it was also Andy Thomson's birthday.
Having had some excellent cake there's, more to come we have about 8 birthday's in the department in 2 weeks, and as it was the first warm day there wasn't a great enthusiasm for work. We do have to do our waving at the train duties as well.

So with just 16 signed in to do any work what did we get done? Well the maroon rake was reassembled between trains.
FK 13337 'Gillian' was brought into the jack road for bogie checks. That is after we hand shunted bogies out of the way. There is a very slight rise in the track just where the bogie is in this picture. That helped work of the cake!!!

There was also a lot of shunting of freight wagons and the P'Way train on the other side of the track with a clear view of several vehicles we haven't seen for a while.

Richard was doing the final bits on the War week-end Wagon

That completed this last wagon is the next to be restored. It was extracted from the back siding especially.

The only number visible is 105521 hand painted on the side. Its an LMS chassis but we think the body is WR. we will no doubt get some more info on this.
As it was a nice day James ventured out to the barn and started some more welding on the outer end of FO 3132.

while John Osborn continued with the final corner of 25451 in the workshop. we hope to have this finished in the next 2 weeks.
 John Squires fitted the down vacuum pipe from the communication cord connection to the main pipe
We removed a door from FO 3132 ready for the door team on Wednesday.

George and I did a load more sanding and replaced a couple of loose rivets from the skirt line of 25451.
The light fittings got yet another coat of paint as did the heritage trail boards.

Tony refitted the Cotswold side window sliders
And Steve fitted more of the DMU interior side panels and some draft strip round some doors between which he popped up to Toddington to assist Dennis Brown working on the sleep pods.

Finally out in the yard assisted by members of P'Way, thanks lads, we laid a couple of lengths of rail to stand our spare wheel sets on rather than them getting slowly buried in the ballast.
So all in all we did get through quite a lot of work as well as cake today.

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