Sunday, 27 March 2016

Saturday - a day of extremes

With Easter upon us it was hard to predict the turn out of volunteers. Numbers were good as we took on a range of jobs that took us to the extremes of vehicles and tasks.

The first was a safety issue the floor in the barn incorporates a drain cover and a dip in the floor. Plans are in place by the drainage team to level the floor for us in the mean time we have made a new cover, Dave has painted it in a non slip bright yellow, so reducing the hazard.

Still at floor level in the barn Andy and Phil set about removing the air brake components from the underside of 3132. The carriage was duel braked but we only run vacuum braking.
 also on the floor was Ian and I think John Hamer removing, or trying to remove, the keeps from the bogies the carriage is getting a complete new set of wheelsets.

Moving into the workshop 25451 is undergoing final work before moving into the paintshop next week. Phil hard a work sanding the corridor panelling

while Alan was doing the same to various window components.

John was doing some training wit Pam between welding up the final section of 25451's corner. He and James completed the welding so its ready for the fillers, sanders and painters.

On the other corner John Squires and Andy made up various sections of pipe to connect the water tank filler

which I duly fitted. It's a team thing. They do the work at ground level and I stay on top of the carriage and do the fitting. It saves a lot of climbing up and down!

It also gives me the opportunity to take a different view of thing. An aerial view of the wagon restore from above

 and the down to earth view. Bob Mac having removed the axle box covers for inspection.

Reaching the other end of the works in the paintshop Steve fitted the drives compartment door

at the other end of the carriage he moved on to help Bob fit the corridor connection . I think we have finally got our heads round the process.

James was busy making a new base plate for the connection.

The upholstery team were revelling in not having DMU seats at the top of their list today. A request to replace 6 of the seats from the Buffet car in the second rake took precedence. with two sections done the only issue is a lack of moquette in the correct design. We have enough for 5 not 6.

from the extremes of the work and the extremes of the weather this Easter and however you celebrate it have a good one.
Our Easter Cake made by my daughter Claire.

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