Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Saturday - Back in business

That's the railway not me, although I am now back in England. Cold isn't it!!!

Report by Dave Clark

The first train of the new season and a fresh start. Newly repainted BSO 9000 looked a treat as the train went by. James, who was today's Guard on the Choc & Cream rake, was very complimentary about the smart Guards Compartment.

 With the bogie exchange completed, the Model Railway coach and its neighbouring line of goods vehicles were shunted back into Platform 2 Bay.

Maroon FK 13326 was temporarily stored next to choc & cream FK 13337 "Gillian" in the back siding. Ian disappeared to uncouple the shunter while Phil, with a cheeky grin, makes "polite" comments about blog photographers. 13326 will need to be back in the Maroon rake for the Race Trains.

The 04 is coupled to the two bogies retrieved from the Model Railway coach, after which two Commonwealth bogies were brought into the Barn. One to complete restoration and correct axle box guide clearances. The other to recondition and reset both the primary and secondary suspension springing. This requires work with the bogie removed, followed by reassembly and adjustment after the bogie has been repositioned under the vehicle.
During the afternoon Richard and John Hamer were inspecting axle boxes on a number of coaches in the Maroon rake. The preparation for the Race Trains continues apace.

In the Workshop at the north end of SK 25451, John Squires cleaned up the hole where corroded metal behind the electrical connection plate had been removed. A new square section of sheet metal was ready for welding in by James.

James meanwhile was adding red oxide to all his re-plating work.

On the Malvern side of 25451 George and Andy Turner (at the far end) were filling and sanding after the latest recoating in light grey undercoat had revealed more areas requiring this.

Moving on to something completely different, John Squires cleaned up and primed the remaining lamp shades destined for TSO 4772.

In the Paintshop Clive applied another coat of varnish to the hardwood sections for the tops of the first class seats in the green DMU centre car.

While Stuart had been out in the week and refitted some more of the completed first class seats for the DMU. The trimming strips weren't ready at the time so will be fitted with the next batch.
(Picture from Stuart)
So in the Upholstery shop Penny was recovering arm rests for more of the first class seats.
Jenny was stapling the under cover on another seat back section, while behind her John Hill added the moquette to another

and from construction to destruction, Dave gradually dismantles another of the old seat backs. A real production line.

Inside blue power car W51360, Derek begins putting back the heater covers.

Steve is now well into progressing the large compartment with the new panelling and skirting, and adding new rubber seals to the door entrances.

Finally,  Ainsley has swapped his "Carriage and Wagon" hat for his "Wartime in the Cotswolds" one, and painted up sheets of ply board in GWR Brown top coat. I'm not sure what these are for, so please attend the event over the weekend of 23/24 April and see if you can discover where they end up.


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