Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Saturday - Another big shunt

Report by Dave Clark

Another busy shunting day, with initially some reorganising of the coaches in the Third Rake siding, and then the removal of the Permanent Way train and other vehicles to extract the next two goods vehicles for restoration. Also for a change, not much in the way of painting to report!

The highlight of the shunt was the extraction of the completed WD wagon from the Paintshop, which looked superb in the daylight and a great credit to Richard Stone, Phil Hooton, and our Woodwork team.

A close up of the two notice boards for the van that Alex Caulfield painted free-hand at home.

Having been extracted from the far sidings and coupled together, the ex-LMS brake van (we have a photo of an earlier refurbishment of it in our Paintshop) and now ventilated? former GWR goods van 65643, which will be a major rebuild to say the least, are being brought to the Works.

When finally in place an immediate start was made on both vehicles.

Our reorganised wheelsets, including the new ones, all nicely tidied up with help from Alan Miller in our Permanent Way department.

The yard pit, originally built when we were the temporary home to the locos, repeatedly proves to be of use to us. John Hamer (out of sight in the pit), with help from Ken, continues the adjustments to the bogies on FK 13337 "Gillian".

The new spring in place on the south end bogie of FK 13337.

I wonder where the tin of rust brown is to tone it in with the rest of the bogie?

Progress on the blue power car continues, with Eddie making up the new wooden curved rib for the inside of the corridor connection. 

One of the heavy metal base plates for the connection is missing, so James is making a copy using an existing plate from the former Strathclyde unit, which awaits our attention.

Ahhh, what's this?! More filler on the blue power car with all the painting completed? Inevitably with new rubber seals being nailed on, and the lifting of things in and out of the vehicle, several of the door frames needed some minor repair. However, Paul Ellis came to the rescue and soon had the damage repaired and repainted.

One of the last jobs of the day was to retrieve all the painted seat frames from the guards/luggage compartment and bring them into the passenger area ready for refixing.

Also in the Paintshop was George, adding a second coat of yellow to eight of the new acrow props, before undercoating the remaining ones in cream paint. Having one of these under each corner of a coach will provide far greater stability than our existing equipment (try lining out when somebody is clumping about inside!)

Prior to the shunt, Clive was busy with filling and sanding at the south end of SK 25451

At the north end Paul Ellis was doing the same, while Ken was preparing the new metal sheeting ready for the top middle section of the wooden corridor end back plates.

Enjoying the fresh air was Paul Wood polishing the Model Railway coach. We must do the same with the Discovery coach, weather permitting of course!

Just before lunch, one of our Permanent Way team returning from the tunnel reported that a generator belt had been found between the rails - these occasionally come apart and drop off the underside of a coach, so no surprise there.

What was surprising was that one of the small wallmounted tables that fits under an SK compartment window had also been found, it no doubt having come loose and then been thrown out of the window!

With the Winchcombe signalman informed, the signal box book signed, and no trains for an hour, two of us were able safely to make their retrieval. One of the Third Rake coaches has been reported to have a small table missing.

Finally - Penny and Dave Dron busy in the Upholstery shop,

and not working on DMU seats!

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