Monday, 14 March 2016

Saturday - Addendum

Richard has sent through the following details

Freight Van Update.
This van body is a GWR Steam Banana Van built in 1925. It is on an LMS chassis.
It would have been brown with yellow 'GW' lettering.
The walls and doors are lined with insulation, and where the window is in the end there would originally have been a louvre to allow the temperature to be controlled.

The van was steam heated, so green bananas were loaded at the docks, and with the steam heating would be yellow and ripe when they arrived at the markets.
Candles and Cake.
I have also received this additional photo from John Osborn showing that the candles did go out, Andy did cut his cake.
I hasten to add in true C&W fashion it WAS all eaten.
I hope Andy remembers to take a cake with him to the Steam Department next time he goes. After my holiday in the sun I would hate to upset the steam departments blog writer anymore.


GWSR Steam Loco Dept said...

Peace offerings of cake will be warmly welcomed at the steam loco dept. :-)

Mark Smith said...

GWR banana van would have been grey with white lettering. Fish vans were brown with yellow lettering, as were other sorts of GW vans designed to run in passenger trains. But banana vans were always grey. I can send you some photos if you would like them; also it may be worth consulting Paddy Goss at the 813 Fund as they have a couple of these banana vans already, one of which is a grounded body like yours, except it still has its solebars and bufferbeams attached.
How are you going to shorten the underframe by 3 inches at each end, as it looks like a 16ft 6in LMS mineral wagon underframe, wheras your GWR van is only 16 feet?
Very best wishes for your restoration project
Mark Smith

Richard Stone said...

Hi Mark. Thank you very much for the information and detail. In looking at the wagon ends I can see some lengths of angle iron have been welded in to take up the 3" overhang. I hope to take all the metal work back to bare which may provide for an optional solution. Your kind support for the project is much appreciated. Thank you for viewing the blog.