Friday, 4 March 2016

Thursday Getting ready

Report by Dave Clark

As I was somewhat busy during the afternoon I didn't take many photos, so apologies to anyone missed out.

On entering the Paintshop first thing, we were confronted by a sea of new footboards. Michael undercoated a number of them, while Dave Hancox completed the priming on the remainder..In the foreground in brown undercoat is the drip board for the base of the new temporary door for Toddington signal box.

Amongst a number of jobs done by Richard Hoy was continuing the painting up of the new lamp shades for TSO 4772.

Painting on blue power car W51360 is just about coming to an end, with all the sundry parts now completed. Cheryl top coats one of the axle box covers still in undercoat cream.

Steve had a good day fixing more panelling and skirting board inside 81360. He is also adding new rubber seals to the door frames as he progresses through the vehicle. Richard admires what has been done.

The wartime van is now in the Paintshop to make more room for SK 25451, and to reduce the dust on what is now a very nice looking vehicle. Richard Stone removes the excess length on a number of bolts.

Pat and Tony are sticking sealant round yet another cleaned up window pane from the SK.

While Ron, assisted by Alan inside the compartment, is securing the latest pane to be put back.

Ken is preparing the newly made wooden back plates for the north end corridor connection. The channel is for the horizontal rod for the communication cord equipment.

It's all "go, go, go" to get the Maroon rake ready for its first outing during the Cheltenham Race Festival in mid-March. Richard is putting down some new lino where we had to replace the floor in one of the door entrances.

Further along the rake Paul is busy vacuuming.

With the bogies on maroon CK 16195 now sorted out, the Model Railway TPO coach has been brought in to swap the bogies.

As reported in Tuesday's blog, it's "Welcome back" to an old friend. The 04 shunter is now back with us while the 03 undergoes some essential maintenance. 

We were somewhat busy in the afternoon getting the Discovery coach ready for the new season. The last jobs of the day were to paint the door entrance strips, give the floor a good vacuum throughout, and finally wash the external cream paint to remove the rain stains.

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mike slipper said...

You all do a wonderful job up there on the rolling stock.