Thursday, 31 March 2016

Wednesday - heavy sanding

As reported earlier we are trying to get as much of the internal sanding of 25451 done as possible before it is shunted into the paintshop on Saturday.

To that end both Trevor and Dave was working away at it today and halved what was left to do.

Martin was also sanding. This another of the sections of window trim for 25451. While (not pictured) Mike was working away on the skeleton van.

Keeping the all round progress going Mike Blakemen completed door 4 from 25451 which we they duly rehung on the carriage.

With that work bench clear were moved door 6 from 3132 in the barn and brought that into the workshop for stripping and cleaning before it moves on into the door team area of the woodwork shop. When we removed the lock we found this the original manufactures warranty label still intact. It reads 'Pickersgill Kaye Ltd Warranty void if removed' (I wonder just how long is the warranty? No matter we serviced the lock anyway). It appears none of the 4 end door locks on this carriage have ever been touched before. The centre doors had been sealed up out of use for mainline running.

Having serviced the lock Mike put it through our test rig to check the action tolerances.

Paul so nearly completed door 6 from 25451 as well but the need to do a little extra repair to a section of the wood meant it will now be ready for re-hanging next week

Aware that the door will keep coming Dave Ward was already preparing sections of wood for more new door panels to be made.

Colin was busy making the small covers go in the entrance vestibules (but I can't remember what they cover! I will have to check.)

John Varley having completed the last of the door skin welding for the moment made and added some end caps to the plywood frame. Here Clive applied the red oxide to the whole frame having already done much the same to the Skeleton van.

In the upholstery shop John and Penny (and Dave out of shot) completed the 5 seat replacements for the Buffet car and returned to the last few seats for the Blue DMU. During the day they also removed a couple of seats from TSO 4614, the next carriage scheduled for restoration, the assess the work required.

John Hamer continued the work on FK 13337's bogies. After the last work it was measurement time. this revealed that the south end bogie was spot on and about the most level bogie he's seen. The north end bogie proved to have a tilt end to end. After some reorganisation of the spring packers this too came into balance.

So then it was over to Malcolm to start the row exercises needed to do up (or undo) the keep bolts. Doing a set of keep bolts is easily equivalent to a seat in the boat race.

There was another coast of paint for just about anything in sight on the paint tables. Today done by Des before he moved on to fill sand and paint the final corner of 25451.

handed in today by a member of the P'way gang having found it by the track side was this Bolt plate with maroon paint on it. The paint looks fairly new so its a little treasure hunt for the maintenance team to track down where it came from.

Tuesday - Deadlines approaching

Report by Dave Clark

A quieter day with just 9 in attendance. With so many things to get done this week it was a busy day, but great to have the trains running past for some light relief.

In the Barn John Hamer was working on the bogies for both FK 13337 "Gillian" and FO 3132 (sorry - no picture). "Gillian" will be needed in the Third Rake for the Wartime weekend in just over 3 weeks time, while for the part-restored FO the bogies are being prepared for a wheel set change. Work started on Saturday to remove the keeps from the bottom of the axle boxes. Those efforts although not seemingly very fruitful did enough as John was able to complete the task today with only 2 bolts sacrificed.

With blue DMU W51360 due out on Saturday, the many remaining jobs were steadily being progressed. The unit will in fact remain in the yard for a while to enable us to complete as much as possible before it returns to Toddington.

Ainsley completed some minor paint jobs in the Guards/luggage compartment and then cleaned up the two large entrance chequer plates.

Cheryl completed the internal varnishing in the south end of the large passenger compartment.

Richard cleaned up and then painted the badly faded internal flaps for the corridor connection. Other jobs involved Richard, Ainsley and I cleaning windows, door and grab handles, and tidying-up various bits of paintwork. The new heavy base plate for the corridor connection was also painted in gloss black.

In the Workshop Stu Howarth continued the lengthy sanding job in SK 25451's corridor and completed another section. We need to get as much of this done as possible before this comes into the Paintshop.
Continuing with the skeletal ex-GWR box van, Richard Stone and Phil Hooton tackled more of the cleaning up and oxidising of the framework. Later on the rotten north end flooring was removed and the heavy plywood covering moved to the south end.

It was just Dave in the Upholstery shop today. What was that about finishing the DMU seats, that looks horribly like another one! (we finished the first class seats for the green centre car. We are still short of about 6 5 for the blue DMU).

One side of the 17 pattress plates for the Toddington History Trail were given a second coat of gloss brown top coat by Cheryl.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Saturday - a day of extremes

With Easter upon us it was hard to predict the turn out of volunteers. Numbers were good as we took on a range of jobs that took us to the extremes of vehicles and tasks.

The first was a safety issue the floor in the barn incorporates a drain cover and a dip in the floor. Plans are in place by the drainage team to level the floor for us in the mean time we have made a new cover, Dave has painted it in a non slip bright yellow, so reducing the hazard.

Still at floor level in the barn Andy and Phil set about removing the air brake components from the underside of 3132. The carriage was duel braked but we only run vacuum braking.
 also on the floor was Ian and I think John Hamer removing, or trying to remove, the keeps from the bogies the carriage is getting a complete new set of wheelsets.

Moving into the workshop 25451 is undergoing final work before moving into the paintshop next week. Phil hard a work sanding the corridor panelling

while Alan was doing the same to various window components.

John was doing some training wit Pam between welding up the final section of 25451's corner. He and James completed the welding so its ready for the fillers, sanders and painters.

On the other corner John Squires and Andy made up various sections of pipe to connect the water tank filler

which I duly fitted. It's a team thing. They do the work at ground level and I stay on top of the carriage and do the fitting. It saves a lot of climbing up and down!

It also gives me the opportunity to take a different view of thing. An aerial view of the wagon restore from above

 and the down to earth view. Bob Mac having removed the axle box covers for inspection.

Reaching the other end of the works in the paintshop Steve fitted the drives compartment door

at the other end of the carriage he moved on to help Bob fit the corridor connection . I think we have finally got our heads round the process.

James was busy making a new base plate for the connection.

The upholstery team were revelling in not having DMU seats at the top of their list today. A request to replace 6 of the seats from the Buffet car in the second rake took precedence. with two sections done the only issue is a lack of moquette in the correct design. We have enough for 5 not 6.

from the extremes of the work and the extremes of the weather this Easter and however you celebrate it have a good one.
Our Easter Cake made by my daughter Claire.

Friday, 25 March 2016

Thursday - Throng

With the maintenance team in today we totalled 30 volunteers in action.

I arrived  just in time to wave at Stuart as he departed with the final set of First Class seats for the lass DMU centre car. With them fitted there is just the trim strips along the tops of the seats and some trim panels to go.
picture by Stuart Hamilton

The blue DMU motor car is not far behind Phil still working on getting the corridor connection fitted. Today he was adjusting the height of the connection and preparing the inner  side sections of wood. These support the inner orange facer plates. The outer ones can be seen in the picture.

Cheryl painted up the drivers side of the driver compartment door. Grey to match the rest of that section. It should be dry for fitting on Saturday.
Steve was fitting the final window frame and the surrounding wood trim strips

before moving on to make the roof formers for the goods van. During the afternoon Dave Hancox did some more work on the van's framework.
25451 was not surprisingly the main focus of activity today. John Osborn in specially to finish re plating the north end Malvern side corner almost got it finished. With all the panels in place he will just need to join up the dots on Saturday

The interior team were in full swing, preparing the two toilet windows for reinstalling. They were slightly hampered by both the lack of a floor in that area and John O welding one side.
They were framed, sorry it had to be said!

All the interior wood window linings, for the whole carriage, have to be sanded re stained and re varnished. So there was a lot of sorting

Some early varnishing of OK sections.

Sanding of others

and repairing of some sections

While Bob got on and painted the ceilings in half the compartments.

I set about removing the old perished mastic from the toilet windows and cleaning them ready to go back in next week. The old sealant partly off

In the barn Ken continued the work of cleaning up the bogie and springs

and also the bolts. My that's a big one!

Late in the day we took the opportunity to rehang the corridor connection. It still needs all the fixings and fitting to be done.
A slightly unexpected pleasure was the several passes of the driving experience train.
I'm to sure it was a pleasant experience going backwards into the rain though. It's very exposed.