Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Wednesday - Time for a little imagination

So how good is your imagination? Good I hope because I forgot my camera today so I have no picture to show you.

However, the glory of modern technology is that both Rod and Stuart took some pictures and have shared them with us. Stuarts certainly put a different angle on the Upholstery teams work. He arrived with the truck and took away the completed sets of first class seats.

UMM! now there's an idea open carriages.

He latter returned with the rest of them having fitted the ones he took away.

He had arranged for the DMU to be available in the car park so that he could cross load the truck straight into the carriage.

Less lifting. There's clever.

Well done Stuart.

(picture by Stuart - thanks)

Of course the upholstery team were ploughing on as usual so look back at any recent post to see them in action!

I cleaned up some of the seat frames ready for painting.

In the workshop Tony was in and having done some extensive sanding, wiped it all down and started on greying up the area on the Malvern side of 25451. (its the far end).

Nick finished the welding on the south end of the carriage where he cut it out last week and with a little filler and a splash of paint, actually Tony was just wiping the brush out, you wouldn't now he been there. Having also completed a strut repair he returned to the ply wood rake for Eddie's wood store.

Maurice put a coat of paint on every thing we could find on the paint table that looked like it needed it. Yellow on the jack handles, white on the carriage lamps, and I did some red oxide then Madder undercoat on a coupling link.

There is still a big hole at the other end which James is working on. Its welding by numbers.

Elsewhere in the paint shop on 9000 Rod Des and Russ tackled some of the lining out.

We frequently interrupt work today to peep out side and watch the P'Way gang working in the station. Some ballast we being spread today.

(thanks to Rod for the workshop pictures)

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