Thursday, 18 February 2016

Wednesday - Here comes another one

With BSO 9000 virtually complete attention is swinging heavily towards the next carriage in the line which is SK 25451. We have been making steady progress with this carriage and it is now starting to show.

Today Nick completed the welding at the south end and Ken immediately followed up by replacing the capping strip on both south end door openings.

All the doors for the Cotswold side are now in the woodwork shop door area being overhauled and the panelling repaired.

Nick moved on to start on the Malvern side repairs having done 2 small patched at the North end base level. Steve is now clear to refit the floor in the toilets.

Steve was actually busy at the other end stripping the old varnish from the vestibule panelling.

Among various bits that was doing was cutting out the rotten window corner on a window and making a new patch ready for John Osborn on Saturday.
With Russ doing some fine detail filling sanding and greying up the carriage is coming together nicely.

Richard was applying the numbering to 9000 here applying the Guards door sign.

Inside the area Des was doing some more Executive Grey painting.

The DMU will return to the paintshop after 9000 for the interior to be finished.

However, this seat frame is for the other DMU carriage's 1st class area

as are the seats the Penny

and John were working on.

I left this picture till last in case the shock was to much for Dave to cope with.

Eddie in the paintshop varnishing the first of the panels for the DMU walls.

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Nice to see Eddy doing some proper work!!!