Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wednesday - A Grey Day

It was not the weather that was grey today, that was bright and sunny, it was the paint going onto 25451.

The Wednesday paint team, having nothing left to do in the paintshop, switched their attentions to 25451 in the workshop. Des, Russ, Trevor and here Rod were busy on a little sanding and applying of paint. They also started on checking out door opening

Not only does he grey coat improve the appearance it also lets us see what still needs filling and sanding! Something that gets very difficult to do when the sides are a rainbow mish-mash of colour.

Derrick,  Paul and out of shot Mike progressed the 3 remaining door overhauls. Servicing the locks and fitting new drainage channels where needed.

Craig took the opportunity to shape and fit the top rail over door 4. The original had disintegrated. It won't be finally fitted until the door is back on.

Welding repairs moved on a pace today with Nick re-plating the top centre section of the of the north end

Job done and over to Ken for a coat of red oxide and replacement of all the now missing mount bolts for the corridor connection fittings.

Ken had already started on one of the side wood bars for the corridor connection mounting.

Nick moved to the other end of the carriage and repaired the metal work round the electrical connection mounts. One done

The other tacked in place for completion next time. You can tell it was starting to get late by the low angle of the sun light streaming into the workshop.

Dave Dron was measuring up to cut out some move under cloth for the seat repairs.

while John and Penny showed Sandra the work they do. Sandra is often the cook on the main operational rake but at this time of year with no trains like many others she missed her trips the railway. So she like several others is joining us to help out and fill in the close season.

The only painter left in the paintshop was Maurice who completed the DMU seat frames. Here just starting the frames are now all black.


mike slipper said...

I am simply amazed how rot can get into a railway coach.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

25451 is 70 years old next year it along with the rest of our carriages gets no protection from the weather. It hasn't been refurbished in 21 years. So frankly I'm not surprised. A running shed to provide cover from the weather would make a huge difference to the carriages.

HowardGWR said...

60 years old I think? Don't make her older than she needs to be!