Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Wednesday - 2nd Top Coating

With 20+ volunteers in to pick up the baton today another checkpoint was reached, namely the completion of the second top coat of the cream paint on BSO 9000. This was done by Trevor and Rod.

There is just the lower brown panelling on the Malvern side to go.

Then we need to give it all time to harden before the lining out starts.

So Russ, later joined by Trevor started on the greying up of 25451 in the workshop.

Paul was working on the reconstruction of a door from the carriage here preparing the drainage channel for final fitting.

followed by the lower window guides that fit into the drainage channel.

Mike was doing the fiddly bit of fitting the finger pull for another door. It needs some precise cut outs to fit round the lock unit.

Up stairs the DMU seats continue to roll of the production line. Yesterday's base units started receiving their covers today.

Dave trimming the corner of a back rest.

While Dave started covering another seat base and Penny cut out the moquette.

Alan was painting up the 'blackout' screens for the waiting room.

Matt black we don't want reflections from the gloss upsetting the ARP Warden!

No Eddie hasn't started making giant matchsticks. These are the kit form of some trestles for the paint shop. Its amazing how many we seem to need.

It may have been cold out in the barn but the efforts to remove the liner, half off here,
clean up behind it,
re-position it

get Nick to re weld it in the correct place
replace the wheelset
and put the keeps back on the bottom
certainly had Ken working up a sweat.

Nick also did some more Z-section and crash pillar repairs to 25451 in passing.

At this rate the bottle of Argon Gas I got for the mig welders today will need replacing again soon!

Just before it got dark I noticed the P'Way gang drop in the last section rail on Platform 2.

Obviously still a load of lining up and ballasting to go but well done the P'Way gang.

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