Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tuesday - bits and pieces

A dozen willing volunteers which today included Stuart who joined us for the first time.

Stuart joined me on the current major activity of filling and sanding on 25451. He applied some mastic infill around the frame edges.
25451has become the focus as BSO 9000 is in now complete and ready for out shopping on Thursday. Richard just did a little more window cleaning today.

Cheryl was painting her finger nails or was it actually some light reflectors for lamp fittings.

Maurice got the unenviable task of painting the DMU seat frames. Paint tubular steel is actually a tad difficult with the light shining back of the curvature somewhere its very easy to miss bits.

while Dave was reduced to the 'somebody's got to do it' task of paint brush cleaning.

The seat frames will soon be needed as the upholstery team, today represented by Vivian and Dave Dron ploughed on with more DMU first class seats.

The completed pile waiting to be refitted is growing.

Phil was on second top coating  of the war wagon doors. I know it doesn't look it but the colour really is called Executive Light Grey.

Phil also lent a hand top Richard fitting the top lintel rail over the door opening.

Richard was joined for coffee by Maurice the mouse wearing a matching outfit orange top and green overalls. Maurice was present courtesy of Cheryl's grand-daughter.

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