Thursday, 18 February 2016

Tuesday - Nearly there

 Report by Dave Clark

Another glorious sunny day after a very cold start (home temps of -6C and -5C reported by Richard Stone and myself respectively). We are definitely on the home straight now with BSO 9000 and the Wartime Van. We had eleven in today.

Two studies of concentration by Alex

and Cheryl as they begin the process of tidying up the lining out on 9000. They were later joined by Richard Hoy. Much of this is actually working with the chocolate and cream paints, as well as on the line itself.

With so much in the Guards compartment we thought we would do this in stages,

but with time moving on we decided to completely clear it out and get the clean-up and repaint done in one go - hence the pile and box full of bits.

Attachments were removed from the walls to make overall painting easier.

With the north wall of the compartment already rubbed down and part undercoated, Adrian took up the job starting with the Malvern side.

Keith took over the painting of the various bits from the compartment.


All part of the Guard's compartment kit - lights and emergency coupling

Another tidy up job was to clean up, re-stain where required, and then re-varnish, the veneer and wooden frames on the backs of the passenger doors.

The right door of the Malvern side double doors seemed to continually escape a new top coat of Light Executive Grey. Richard Hoy made this his last job of the day.

The Wartime Van also proceeds very well and shouldn't take too much longer to complete. Richard is test fitting the large bespoke cross beam over the doorway.

He later began fitting the various door catches around the van.

Phil Hooton primes two internal strips for the Van

Phil paints Light Executive Grey on the cross-spars on the door backs.

They were later reversed and both he and Richard Stone began top coating them in Olive Drab.

Phil cleans up one of the large locking bars from the van.

On Saturday Steve Barnfield had cut out quite a number of ply board sections to be put into the north end vestibule and toilet area in TSO 25451. Dennis coats each in wood primer.

In the quiet of the Upholstery shop the Tuesday team continue with the first class DMU seats. John Hughes and Vivian remove old staples from a seat arm and a side panel respectively, while in the background Dave sews on an old cover to give further protection prior to the moquette being stitched on.

Cold but clear. Looking down the yard on a glorious day with the ballast train split up and awaiting attention.

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