Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Tuesday - Its not raining!

Report by Dave Clark

We generally had a bright sunny day at last and, with ten in attendance and all cheered up by the good weather, we got through a lot of work.

Beginning with BSO 9000, Richard Hoy started the lining out process. With the top yellow line double-taped, he is applying a fresh coat of the Goldcup Yellow.

At the opposite end and in the middle respectively, Keith and Dennis were having their first go at lining out. Good progress was made with the top yellow line completed on the Cotswold side and about two-thirds done on the Malvern side.

The Guards compartment is somewhat complex with a lot of wall attachments and all sorts of paraphernalia, so we will tackle this in stages. With the north wall cleared Cheryl sands the old paintwork, making repairs where necessary.

In the adjacent corridor, Adrian sands down the back of the Guards door in preparation for a fresh top coat. Repainting in all remaining areas of the corridor and the disabled compartment has been completed.

Malcolm assisted Richard Stone with the rebuild of the wartime van. Here he is applying waterproof fibre filler to the rebated edges of the four van doors.

With the filler sanded down, he applies wood primer to the door faces. As reported last week, the backs have been done.
With more planking now fully painted on both sides, Richard re-attaches this to the Malvern side of the wartime van.

In the Upholstery shop Dave Dron staples the canvas under-cover to another first class single seat back.

Dave and Vivian discuss the stapling of moquette to a first class seat side panel.

A selection of side panels - the before and after.

Everyone in C&W is very impressed with the moquette that has been used for the DMU first class seating. It is certainly a very good choice of both pattern and colour scheme.

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