Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tuesday - Hard work and mince pies

Report by Dave Clark

Eleven of us in on a bright sunny day and, by the way we were putting away the leftover mince pies from Christmas, all putting on a few pounds! Still it was a hard working day, so I guess we earned the treat.

It was back to DMU seat frames again. Dennis topped up the one already glossed (it is very easy to miss bits when painting gloss black on tubular metal in artificial light) before undercoating this one. We are about half way through the first class seats.

Vivian having just machined the cover in the fore ground, proceeds to unpick the next seat back.


First class seat cushions

 and backs refurbished with new canvas under-coverings stacked up ready for the new moquette.

What?! are C&W starting a new line in garden sheds? No, these are the doors from the wartime box van that have been removed for painting. Phil Hooton adding an initial coat of wood primer.

With the doors removed Richard Stone paints the metal brackets in undercoat dark grey.

Continuing with the wartime theme, also painting in that lovely dark grey, Malcolm Baker undercoats the new blackout covers for Winchcombe Platform 2 waiting room.

Always very welcome, this time a donation from Richard and Hilary Summers, another two bags of sheets, towels and off-cuts for use as both dust covers and paint rags.

BSO 9000 is now really beginning to look the part once again, with Cheryl completing the top coating on the Cotswold side.

On the Malvern side Adrian began the second cream top coat at the south end,

while Richard Hoy started at the north end. We should be starting the lining out next week.

Inside the disabled compartment Ainsley continues painting in the lovely "Light Executive Grey" top coat.

 Most of the corridor and south vestibule have also been completed. After a lengthy painting session, John Hughes carefully removes masking tape from around the fire notices.


Alex said...

Mice pies still? I thought they were all dealt out at least week's heads of departments' meeting... ;-)

Ken said...

No. That would probably have been 'Bull pie', in an appropriately heated environment!

Only speculating, of course?