Friday, 5 February 2016

Thursday Metal, windows and paint

Report by Dave Clark

Great progress all round today with a large number in.

Starting off with John Hill taking a few minutes off to machine up some cushion covers. Well, who can blame him? He deserves a rest from DMU first class seats, which are of course coming on very well.

From the gentle rumbling of the sewing machine to the harsh sound of the angle grinder, with John Varley adding extensions to some of the fabricated door drainage channels.

Also metal working was Malcolm Dickson, carefully using the press to bend the edge of a section of sheet metal he has just cut to shape.
What was this for?

Now very neatly riveted on and sealed, it covers a roof hole at the north end of SK 25451.

We are very fortunate to have a senior gas engineer on our staff, who is rebuilding the Stills water heater for RBr 1672.

There were all kinds of things happening in the Workshop so I wasn't able to capture everything.

However progress on SK 25451 continues to be good, with the Inside Gang again busy with windows. Alan and Tony cleaning up another pane.

Earlier on Tony was preparing one of the inner frame strips with the special securing bolts.

Roger and Pat (inside) are removing the bolts from another window. The windows seals have expired so we are renewing them. The removal is  frequently a struggle to say the least. This is probably the first time the window pane has been removed since the coach was built, so no surprise that drilling out is often the only option.

Further along the corridor Ron is replacing the internal metal capping strip on another refurbished window.

In the Paintshop, furniture from 25451 was again being painted and varnished by Robin.

Richard Stone was back top coating planking from the wartime van, followed by a coating of primer for those "garden shed" doors.

Michael undercoated the two van door top frame beams specially built by Steve Barnfield.

Making a change from coach panel painting, Bob second top coats the blackout boards with the matt polyurethane black paint.

He later moved on to BSO 9000, painting the electric points, battery box and other underframe parts, the steps, and a second coat for the sole bar.

Cheryl gave the Malvern side bottom panels a second top coat, in effect completing the chocolate and cream painting. We are all set for lining out next Tuesday.

With all the lining out tape removed from the Cotswold side, Adrian does some tidying up on some of the window frames.

It was then into the south end corridor connection to complete the interior, and then on to the other black painted parts at both ends of the coach.

Richard Hoy glossed all the blackwork on the Cotswold side. With this done and the lining out tape removed, the Cotswold side of 9000 is looking really good.

Ainsley paints the black skirting in the disabled compartment. He then went on to complete the south end vestibule walls, leaving just the ceiling to repaint.

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