Friday, 19 February 2016

Thursday - Finishing touches

Report by Dave Clark

Back to the sun again, and another full mess room indicating a good turnout. Alex and I even had our lunch on the platform, and thoughts of another good running season foremost in our minds.

The Paintshop was again a hive of activity with more painting of 9000's Guards compartment bits, including the sand bucket which was nearly forgotten! Jeff tidies up the emergency coupling while Michael top coats the "various bits" box.

Now in new orange overalls, Alex tidies the upper line on the Malvern side of 9000.

Richard window cleaning on the Cotswold side. By the end of the day he had done most of the coach..

Adrian completed the repaint of the Guards compartment and, with very careful dodging around the wet paint, was even able to replace some of the various wall fittings.

Inside the passenger compartment Paul was reinstating the under-table covers for the hot water pipes. I had to give him a hand with this somewhat awkward fitting one.

Sorry its very dark under there!

What's this? Our top painter cleaning floors?! With all the painting just about done, Bob cleaned up the floors in the disabled compartment and guards corridor. Even with sheets down, somehow the odd paint drop still gets through.

Showing just what another excellent painter we have in Alex, he reinstates the lamp identifications following their repaint.

Just need to clean up the glass and put back the handle on the "Non Flashing" one, and the job.

Besides working on the rake in the siding, our Maintenance team also checked over 9000 before the coach goes out in a week's time. Anthony Dowling watches as John Appleton checks the settings on the buckeye coupling with the special gauge.

Inside 9000's passenger compartment which needed just a tidy up and seat clean. It is still in lovely condition even after 6 years use. With the serving bar at the end, this is a very popular coach for booked parties.

Pete Lucas top coated in cream the new panelling for the toilet compartments in SK 25451. All that panelling made for quite a lengthy job - well done Pete!

A section of ceiling that can be saved from 25451 is having a sand down outside. Bob later undercoated this.

Often when filling and sanding is required the lower panelling on a coach seems to be done first,
as we get older we climb ladders less Dave.

John Hughes does some much needed work on the upper half of the Cotswold side.

The Indoor Gang putting back the last pane of glass on the Cotswold side.

Back at the workbench Tony and Pat apply the special sealant strip to one of the new internal window frame sections.

Using a special template Ken bores holes in the north end top right corner of 25451 in readiness for refitting the communication cord apparatus.

With the last batch of DMU first class seat frames now cleaned up, Malcolm applies red oxide. They were later undercoated.

Among other jobs going on in the Workshop. Richard Bates is back cleaning up another of the modified lamp shade back plates. As previously reported, the shades are being modified to cater for single LED lights and will be for SO 4798. During the day the initial converted batch were primed in the Paintshop.

John Varley was busy helping S&T. Here he is cleaning up the cut end of metal rodding prior to welding.

Phil was back sorting out and rebuilding coach electrical connections. We now have a good stock of refurbished ones ready for use when needed.

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