Friday, 12 February 2016

Thursday and the sun shines again

Report by Dave Clark

Yes, another sunny day with a lot happening at the Works. We had 25 in attendance, but being busy in the Paintshop, and with deliveries of more paint and plywood, and two visitors collecting a lamp, I didn't capture everything going on.

With more of the DMU centre car first class seat frames now with us, we have all these to sand down and repaint. Malcolm was busy with one of the single frames.

More of the carriage lamp shade conversion from double bulb to single LED lights was being done. The converted shades will be put in SO 4798. Richard Bates carefully cuts out the new centre hole in a shade back plate.

Plating up of the two original holes - the before and after. John Varley will grind the welds flat, after which the plate will be reunited with the rest of the shade ready for sanding down and painting.

Inside SK 25451, Roger (in the foreground), Tony and Pat are securing new inner sections of window frame.

In the Paintshop Ron is varnishing another batch of inner frame sections, many of them newly made by the Woodwork team.

The cleaning up and re varnishing of the compartment doors from 25451 continues, with Robin once again doing the latter.

Alan adds dark grey undercoat to the four Wartime Van doors.

In the Workshop Richard is test fitting the little notice boards on the van, which had been primed the day before.

More work on lining out on BSO 9000, with much of the top line and the black section of the bottom line completed - Richard on the left, Jim on the right, and in the background Cheryl and Jeff.

Leaning against the coach In the foreground are the "Not to be moved" flags which, along with the emergency coupling, lamps, and other items from the Guards compartment, are also being cleaned up and repainted.

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