Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Saturday - To meet the Challenge.

With 28 signed in today things progressed well.

One, just one, of our challenges at the moment is to get 25451 ready for the paintshop by the time 9000 and the DMU have been completed.

To that end today Andy started on the filling and sanding of the capping strip round door 2 of 25451

and John Osborn continued the rebuild of the door 4 corner

Andy and Ian set about re-installing 2 window frames that had to be removed for body side repairs.

The mastic sealant is applied in a strip form from a big roll

before lifting into place.

Andy moved inside to hold things in position while the others put the compressed air rivet gun to good use out side.

Two steps forward one step back. John Hawkins was removing the next frame for the body side repairs to be done.

On 9000

Clive started on the second top coat along the top Brown section of the Cotswold side, he also checked the tops of the doors having found one not painted!

Martin started on the Malvern side

Alex got to do one of his favourite jobs. A job he does very well.

The upholstery team started on re assembly of the first class DMU seats. The side panels and arm rests really need to be on before the frame is put back in place.

The seats and back are still loose the final seat back is almost finished but the frame is now out of the way in the workshop.

Clearly Penny and Jenny are enjoying themselves far to much.

Back to work as Jenny machines the next seat cover.

The good van planking is almost painted this is the final set of planks for the sides. Just the doors to go.

Richard Stone on plank painting

Now in the paint queue the two top rails for the van. These go over the doorways.

Spring has sprung well not quite. However, Richard Johnson did bring in one of the new springs we have managed to purchase. This one will replace the broken spring found recently.

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