Saturday, 6 February 2016

Saturday - A dummy Run

As all regular readers of this blog will be aware we are in the process of restoring a goods van for use by out 'War in the Cotswolds' group. Progress on the van is very good.

What has clearly been a top secret exercise until now was that we were also developing a stealth bomber.

Carefully disguised it is manoeuvred into the Hanger barn.

And the group only known as 'the dirty gang' were caught doing a dummy run for bomb loading!

Moving the device into position

and soon expertly hung from the under frame of 16195.

 Whisper a word to anyone and we will send Dave round with the big curved needle to silence you.

so they were only replacing  the dynamo. Another item on the maintenance teams check list of 'things to do'.
They also returned the original bogies back under the carriage after their overhaul.
And Dave was stitching yet another DMU seat.

This actually made a change as normally Penny has the big needle and Dave is removing the staples.

They switched place today. I'm sure it was just to test if I noticed.

John and Jenny were laying out the cloth ready to cut out more seat cover sections.

Careful attention to detail is required to get the patterns all matching as well as the right way up.

 John Osborn was teaching Pam how to weld today and found an immediate practical use to test her new skills.

The bars supplied with out latest jack we at best adequate so Ken found heavier rod and Pam made them into a much sturdier handle for the jacks.

It was a day of many changes George moved from sanding the carriage to preparing the sliding corridor doors from 25451 ready for re-varnishing.

After a little diversion during the week Steve got back to panelling the entrance vestibule at the southern end of the carriage,

that is after fixing the hole on the floor.

No this isn't part of a new giant jigsaw,

on second thoughts that's exactly what it is.

 James continued the task of re-plating the north end of the carriage.

while John Squires started on making new pipework for the water tank fillers.

 Putting a new thread on the end of the pipe can sometimes cause a lot of jollity. The torque on the threader can take some handing.

While we were test fitting the part on the roof |I took the opportunity to remount the 2 air vent cowls remade several weeks ago by Ken.

It the rather calmer environment of the paintshop Alex was doing the little bits of painting that require a delicate touch. Painting round the door stubs

while his Dad, Tony, was cleaning surplus paint from window glass.

Maurice was painting the sole bar

while Clive was finishing off in one section of the corridor.

We are filling in with the small peripheral jobs while waiting for the paint to harden before we start on the lining out.

Even Paul switch sinks today. He usually, and did again today thanks Paul, makes our tea and cleans up. Here he is cleaning up an enamelled tray from one of the buffet cars.

He also cleaned all the seats in 9000.

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