Saturday, 13 February 2016

Saturday - Dummy Run - No Joke

Last week I made something of a joke about the appearance of the dynamo the gang were changing under 16195. Sadly the joke was on us. We found we couldn't mount the pulley wheel on the dynamo spindle so this week thee gang had to switch the dynamos back.

I hesitate to say, having done it once it was easy the second time! While they were undertaking the task.they also made a new belt to fit it. A lot of frustrating effort by Andy, Phil, Ian, Richard and Ken.

Dennis was busy refurbishing the Stills Boiler from the RBr.

Getting a different perspective isn't always easy but today I  had a few.

James, on the lower scaffold tower, welding the top corner of 25451. This was taken from the mezzanine floor in the workshop.

More differing angles. This one shows the problem of new pipework for filling the water tanks in a carriage.

The large boss is on top of the water tank with 2 inlets. The inlets are connected by large pipes one going to each side of the carriage at the end.

The pipes both have bends in them and pass through circular brackets that can be seen at the bottom of the picture.

The problems are
a) getting the bend in the right place
b) getting the pipes in place and doing up the connectors.
c) Not falling off the roof while doing it.

The originals, we are fairly certain, were assembled and then the bracket was welded in place on the carriage because there is no logical way to reassemble the system as original any other way. We know we spent all morning trying then discovered the boss was actually movable.

Yes we know it should be but the layers of paint etc. round it suggested that was a thing of the past.

Just to confuse you they really are my feet on the right, the picture has got turned 90 deg anti clockwise from when I took it!!!

Andy took this picture of me, doing the final fit.

There was along supply part for pipe being cut John Squires on the ground with cutter, threader etc. Andy on the high scaffold to pass things up and down and me on top fitting.

Well at out age you can't do to many trips up and down ladders and there would have been a lot.

John Osborn completed the welding repairs of this windows bottom corners. This was half way through the job with the far end done.

Andy and Ian removed the next window ready for John next week. They also took door 6 off the carriage ready for the door team on Wednesday. Chris was otherwise engaged today sorting out a locking problem elsewhere.

The upholstery team was 4 strong today with Dave and Penny covering one seat

Jenny and John doing another

The paintshop was relatively quiet today with Maurice on the top line painting

and Alex on the bottom line.

Its well on schedule for shunting out on the 25th.

Steve was repairing panels for 25451 and making new ones ready for when the external welding is completed.

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