Sunday, 21 February 2016

Saturday 1-2-3

On another busy but very different day to recently a lot was achieved.

Firstly Phil tested a water tank for FO3132 when it arrived at the railway in had none. We have now fitted one and have a second one to fit.

The inevitable catch is that the tanks on an FO are very slightly different to TSO tanks in that the outlet connections are in a different place.

Yes this is actually a TSO tank, its all we have so we WILL make it fit!

Secondly Richard Stone was starting on the Executive light grey for the inside of the war wagon

while Richard Johnson applied the numbering.

Thirdly, the painting of 9000 is done with Dave touching up little bits here and there.

Alex was painting up some stop boards

and Maurice was doing various bit, skirting for the DMU when it comes back in

and some wall brackets for the workshop.

However, the 1-2-3 relates to the windows of 25451. We started by removing the last window frame that needed to come out for body side repairs.

One out.

John Osborn then repaired that window surround and another where the frame was already

Two repaired.

Andy Thomson joined Ian to re-install both of the window frames plus another repaired last week by John.

Three in.

At various times they were also assisted by Ken, Derek, Andy Turner and myself another team effort.

All the frames are now back in the carriage so its over to the Thursday gang to put the glass back in. A process they have already completed on the other side.

In between window fitting Andy was doing some basic prep work on the Malvern side.

Work on the north end continues with John Squires removing the centre section of wood that is used to mount the corridor connection.

It revealed the inevitable tin worm holes it was hiding.

James was preparing replacement sections of steel.

while Ken did some more work on the mount points for the communication chord.

John still working
ng his way through DMU first class seats.

This brings us back to colour schemes.

When we removed the window frame it revealed the original colour of 25451.

The carriage originally didn't have window frames but flush fitted windows and apparently the top line was a lot lower that we paint them today. The line was hidden by the frame now fitted.

Again a final picture that couldn't be shown earlier for fear of scaring you.

No not Jenny!
The colour combination of Pink with hi-vis Orange! She promised to avoid the mix again.
Still it was another DMU seat sew ready for fitting.

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