Monday, 29 February 2016

A lot of shunting or Sangria

Sometimes there are priorities that over take publishing the blog. Like reading the latest edition of 'The Cornishman'. Of course you have to find somewhere quiet to read it first.

Report by Dave Clark  

A very busy day for C&W, which included a very early start to cater for the annual safety wire inspection in all three of the Works buildings. This gave us the chance to extract BSOT 9000 and bring the blue DMU power car back in for completion.

Temporarily stabled next to the new Platform 1 extension, refurbished BSOT 9000 looks spendid. The "T" by the way stands for "Trolley". hence "Brake Second (or Standard) Open Trolley" as the coach is fitted with a micro buffet.

Also needed was the swap over of the Discovery and Santa coaches in Platform 1 Bay. This of course meant shunting all the spare bogies which also occupied the Workshop/Barn siding.

 Another requirement was to extract the Model Railway TPO coach which is to have its bogies exchanged.

With so much to do and with a lack of space, it's quite a job getting the Chocolate and Cream rake back in one piece, not helped by a problem separating two coaches in the rake. So more shunting is scheduled for Saturday.

The Maroon rake had also been brought down from Toddington. One of the outstanding jobs, being done by 
Dave Hancox and Stu Howarth, was to remove the old First Class Supplement stickers from the compartment doors in FK 13326 (the other FKs having been dealt with already). New stickers will be applied, simply inviting passengers to make a donation for the use of a first class compartment.

 Our maintenance team were also checking the functioning of the Maroon rake after the winter shutdown. This included checking that this toilet flushed properly!

With the blue power car W51360 back in the Paintshop, internal work resumed. Stu Howarth (pictured) 

and Bob Keyte lightly sanded the initial coat of varnish that had been put on the internal window frames two months ago. Bob then revarnished these.

The blind box from the DMU's driving compartment was extracted and given a top coat by Jeff.

Other painting comprised Bob giving a final top coat of Olive Drab to the doors from the wartime van, and Dave Hancox applying brown undercoat two the notice board destined for Cheltenham Racecourse Station.

In the Workshop John Varley cleans up a welded repair to another door skin from the BSK 34929.

Inside 25451 Pat is securing the wooden base plate to one of the repaired windows on the Malvern side of the coach. Note the new drainage hole and attached pipe on the left to take away condensation.

Ron and Alan had already moved on to remove the next window pane. We are removing and reseating all the windows as the sealant round the Windows has badly perished.

Tony Baker is busy cleaning up the previous pane extracted.

Pete sands down the inside edges of one of the door frames. It is very important to keep paint thickness to a reasonable level and thus prevent doors sticking after the new paint has been applied. 

On the Malvern side Tony Barnard sands down around one of the removed and remixed window frames. The sanding, filling, and greying up process on a coach body often goes through several iterations before we are satisfied that it is good enough for final painting.

In the Barn Malcolm applies more Flint Grey top coat to the roof of FO 3132.

Another 22 sheets of plyboard are delivered. We are certainly getting through this with repanelling taking place in both the blue DMU car and SK 25451. 

I got a couple of pictures from Thursday for the blog. All the seat frames are now back in the unit 

and fit out is just waiting for some wood trims to be completed and varnished. Hopefully more of the seats will be usable by the start of running next week.

Now where is the sun bed?

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Wednesday - A Grey Day

It was not the weather that was grey today, that was bright and sunny, it was the paint going onto 25451.

The Wednesday paint team, having nothing left to do in the paintshop, switched their attentions to 25451 in the workshop. Des, Russ, Trevor and here Rod were busy on a little sanding and applying of paint. They also started on checking out door opening

Not only does he grey coat improve the appearance it also lets us see what still needs filling and sanding! Something that gets very difficult to do when the sides are a rainbow mish-mash of colour.

Derrick,  Paul and out of shot Mike progressed the 3 remaining door overhauls. Servicing the locks and fitting new drainage channels where needed.

Craig took the opportunity to shape and fit the top rail over door 4. The original had disintegrated. It won't be finally fitted until the door is back on.

Welding repairs moved on a pace today with Nick re-plating the top centre section of the of the north end

Job done and over to Ken for a coat of red oxide and replacement of all the now missing mount bolts for the corridor connection fittings.

Ken had already started on one of the side wood bars for the corridor connection mounting.

Nick moved to the other end of the carriage and repaired the metal work round the electrical connection mounts. One done

The other tacked in place for completion next time. You can tell it was starting to get late by the low angle of the sun light streaming into the workshop.

Dave Dron was measuring up to cut out some move under cloth for the seat repairs.

while John and Penny showed Sandra the work they do. Sandra is often the cook on the main operational rake but at this time of year with no trains like many others she missed her trips the railway. So she like several others is joining us to help out and fill in the close season.

The only painter left in the paintshop was Maurice who completed the DMU seat frames. Here just starting the frames are now all black.

Tuesday - bits and pieces

A dozen willing volunteers which today included Stuart who joined us for the first time.

Stuart joined me on the current major activity of filling and sanding on 25451. He applied some mastic infill around the frame edges.
25451has become the focus as BSO 9000 is in now complete and ready for out shopping on Thursday. Richard just did a little more window cleaning today.

Cheryl was painting her finger nails or was it actually some light reflectors for lamp fittings.

Maurice got the unenviable task of painting the DMU seat frames. Paint tubular steel is actually a tad difficult with the light shining back of the curvature somewhere its very easy to miss bits.

while Dave was reduced to the 'somebody's got to do it' task of paint brush cleaning.

The seat frames will soon be needed as the upholstery team, today represented by Vivian and Dave Dron ploughed on with more DMU first class seats.

The completed pile waiting to be refitted is growing.

Phil was on second top coating  of the war wagon doors. I know it doesn't look it but the colour really is called Executive Light Grey.

Phil also lent a hand top Richard fitting the top lintel rail over the door opening.

Richard was joined for coffee by Maurice the mouse wearing a matching outfit orange top and green overalls. Maurice was present courtesy of Cheryl's grand-daughter.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Saturday 1-2-3

On another busy but very different day to recently a lot was achieved.

Firstly Phil tested a water tank for FO3132 when it arrived at the railway in had none. We have now fitted one and have a second one to fit.

The inevitable catch is that the tanks on an FO are very slightly different to TSO tanks in that the outlet connections are in a different place.

Yes this is actually a TSO tank, its all we have so we WILL make it fit!

Secondly Richard Stone was starting on the Executive light grey for the inside of the war wagon

while Richard Johnson applied the numbering.

Thirdly, the painting of 9000 is done with Dave touching up little bits here and there.

Alex was painting up some stop boards

and Maurice was doing various bit, skirting for the DMU when it comes back in

and some wall brackets for the workshop.

However, the 1-2-3 relates to the windows of 25451. We started by removing the last window frame that needed to come out for body side repairs.

One out.

John Osborn then repaired that window surround and another where the frame was already

Two repaired.

Andy Thomson joined Ian to re-install both of the window frames plus another repaired last week by John.

Three in.

At various times they were also assisted by Ken, Derek, Andy Turner and myself another team effort.

All the frames are now back in the carriage so its over to the Thursday gang to put the glass back in. A process they have already completed on the other side.

In between window fitting Andy was doing some basic prep work on the Malvern side.

Work on the north end continues with John Squires removing the centre section of wood that is used to mount the corridor connection.

It revealed the inevitable tin worm holes it was hiding.

James was preparing replacement sections of steel.

while Ken did some more work on the mount points for the communication chord.

John still working
ng his way through DMU first class seats.

This brings us back to colour schemes.

When we removed the window frame it revealed the original colour of 25451.

The carriage originally didn't have window frames but flush fitted windows and apparently the top line was a lot lower that we paint them today. The line was hidden by the frame now fitted.

Again a final picture that couldn't be shown earlier for fear of scaring you.

No not Jenny!
The colour combination of Pink with hi-vis Orange! She promised to avoid the mix again.
Still it was another DMU seat sew ready for fitting.