Thursday, 21 January 2016

Wednesday - cold avoidance

It was a very cold start so not surprisingly there were plenty of volunteers for painting today.

9000 is progressing well with Trevor getting an early start on the Cotswold side

and Des starting a little later on the Malvern side.

Des had already been out to check on the Discovery carriage and Santa's Grotto. We don't want the cold and damp getting into them.

 By the end of the day one side completed in undercoat and the other with only one section of the lower panel to go.

The workshop warmed up fairly quickly especially after we had removed 2 more of the doors from 25451. There are no pictures as I was heavily involved in the process.

Here Mike is stripping one of the doors down for the door team and Dennis stopped for a welcoming chat as it was Mike's first day with us.

The other door went straight into the door team

Ralph was getting to grips with the pad sander on some base preparations for 25451.

Also taking a little refuge in the paintshop was John Hamer. The brake assembly bevel gears all cleaned up and ready to be refitted to 9000.

However, the cold of the barn had to be faced at some stage. So at the 'hottest' part of the day, it must have been up to about zero in the barn by then, he and Ken dismantled the outer spring assemblies on another bogie.

The parts were recovered to the workshop for cleaning up!

Dave took the same approach to painting the repaired door.

Although I suspect the paint won't so dry as freeze on the carriage.

Eddie had a visit from a member of the 2807 who wanted some large timber sections cut for the Siphon 'G' framework, or so he said. I think he just liked our nice warm workshop. You can't blame him for that.

 Phil and Dave Ward completed another storage rake for the woodwork shop. This will, actually now already is, home to a lot of the smaller offcuts. Now we can see what we have before reaching for a new plank of wood.

Mike had his first lesson in the use of the compressed air pop riveter. Its so much better than the old telescopic version we used to use.

He was making a new door strap to stop the door swinging wide open.

Derrick still taking it easy after his knee op was cleaning up the door hinge pins and other small components.

With the low sun streaming in through the upholstery shop window it was definitely the place to be. Especially as they had a whole set of arm rests laid out on the bench just waiting tom be tested!

Spot the odd one out. Its wider from the centre rest of a double first class seat.

Some of the seats piling up ready for the covers to be made and fitted.

There was lots of other painting done today as well.

The display case got another coat of paint.

The first of the seat frames was undercoated.

and the Santa's grotto steps was also painted. They can now have the step edges painted white.

They will then go into store until November, unless Santa happens to pop back sooner after all the weather's right for him now!

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Hi. Will the steps have a non slip surface bearing in mind H&S and all that entails?