Thursday, 14 January 2016

Wednesday - Keep sanding

On a very chilly morning the paintshop was a good place to be.

So Alan started at the top sanding along under the gutter on 9000.

Lower down John completed the check of the skirt section riveting.

He was followed by Martin filling in with Chem metal and sanding.

Descending still further it was time to get underneath. There have been reports of issues with the hand braking on the carriage.

Normally this would be done with the carriage on the jacks in the barn but not only is it extremely cold out there, the barn seems to hold the cold rather like an ice box at times, but also because there isn't time to do the jobs separately.

The bevel gear assembly partially disconnected. It appears to need some extra shims and packing as the gears are very loose.

Easily typed here but they 'just' need to finish dismantling them and then re assemble with the extra packing.

At the end of the day Rod having helped to create the dust vacuumed round the workshop.

 One of the now partially dismantled first class DMU seats showing the deep profiling of the seat back.

John Hill arrived with the new moquette to make the new seat covering

and Dave ploughed on with the preparation of a seat base.

After a final consultation between Mike and Paul

the door, door 23 from 25451, was deemed ready to be refitted.

 During the day Phil completed an additional rake for storage of the finer sections of wood trim. Dave Ward and Eddie were then able to sort the bits out and so tidy up the shelves. Much better.

Last man out don't forget to shut the window!

Maurice continued the first top coat of the window sliders for 25451.

During the day I also conducted a tour for the group of guides who will be assisting with the volunteer recruitment during the year.

They were learning about our needs and
facilities. Unfortunately they didn't have any nice shiny carriages that we wouldn't need to do a total restore on.

Oh well, we'll just have to do make them ourselves, back to work.
They would only spoil our fun anyway!!!

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