Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tuesday - Painting and padding

Report by Dave Clark

Thirteen in today.

Starting with BSO 9000, Cheryl paints on the first coat of GWR Brown. Always her favourite job, two thirds of the brown panel on the Cotswold side were completed.

On the Malvern side Richard Hoy begins the first coat of GWR Cream.

Inside the disabled compartment Ainsley repaints the ceiling.

It was another day of miscellaneous painting projects, with the Santa Grotto steps in the foreground receiving more white edging,

while Keith painted seat frames from the first class compartment of the DMU centre car.

With her coach painting job finished, Cheryl transferred to the Wartime Van, assisting Richard Stone by top coating more of the prepared planking.

In the Workshop Richard Stone taps down more painted planking before bolting it into place.

Phil sorts out more nuts and bolts for securing the woodwork.

At the north end of SK 25451 Richard Johnson is sanding down areas he has filled. All this was later given a base coating of undercoat light grey.

There was plenty happening in the Upholstery shop with four in today. While Dave Dron strips another first class cushion from the DMU centre car,

John Hughes strips seat arms.

Across the other side of the table, Penny Dron shows Vivian how to re-cover a cleaned up seat arm.

Later Penny is removing old foam padding from a stripped seat arm.

Vivian was applying new padding to seat panel. A whoops moment from Vivian as she discovers that she has not only stapled new moquette onto the side panel cover. but the staples have gone right through and secured the panel to the worktop!

It was soon rectified.

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