Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tuesday - lots of painting

Report by Dave Clark

Eight of us in on a very cold, but bright sunny day.

It was -3C with frost and frozen puddles when I took this shot looking towards Toddington, but how nice to have a sunny day for once.

SO 4772 was up on the jacks. When lowered, John (Hamer) did further level checks on one of the bogies.

The quick repairs done by Richard (J), both on this door and at the south end of 4772, were sanded down and painted.

Richard Stone was applying further coats of Olive Drab to the south end of the Wartime Van (755964).

While Phil Hooton painted both sets of buffers and the beams in black, before progressing to further undercoating on more planking.

Richard  later applied "Executive Light Grey" top coat to some of the van's planking. This will be the interior colour.

The first of the frames for the first class seating for the green DMU centre car receives attention from Keith Lowe.

Unlike the second class seating, that for the first class is a lot more complex with a number of extra fittings in addition to the seat cushion and back, and as such the Upholstery team will have to rebuild each seat immediately after the frame painting has been completed.

Vivian strips down a first class seat cushion.

Undercoating BSO 9000 began on Saturday, but this morning Cheryl got going very early and by lunchtime she had completed the lower panels on the Cotswold side and progressed to the Malvern side. With a lot of the central cream panel now undercoated, the Cotswold side will soon be completed.

Prior to the paintshop we could not paint until about 11:00 on a cold day like this.

Richard Hoy and I completed the wiping down of the paintwork on the Malvern side, and then taped up the lines and other necessary parts, prior to undercoating.

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