Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Tuesday - The big sand and scrape

Report by Dave Clark

There were 11 names in the signing-in register today, and with BSO 9000 needing to be completed by March, most of the concentration was on that. 

BSO 9000 is C&W's own coach. It was restored during 2009 from a blue and grey "wreck" into a very smart coach with a lovely passenger compartment, complete with bar. The latter aspects make it a very popular coach for cream teas and as hospitality for small visiting groups. It's original livery was to be carmine-and-cream, but this was changed part way through the painting to chocolate-and-cream. The original crimson undercoat was frequently revealed today when the body sides were sanded down.

We had seven working on BSO 9000. Besides the basic sanding down of the paintwork, areas of lifting paint were scraped off, the infamous Mk 1 rivet line was reamed out where necessary, and transfers were removed with hot air guns. A few holes in the metalwork were also found.

 Richard Stone was again busy with the "Wartime" van  originally replacing the curved angle iron and tightening up the securing bolts,

before giving a second coat of red oxide to the corrugated face at the south end.

Stu Hamilton came during the morning to collect the final batch of refurbished second class seats for the green DMU from Vivian.

With them fitted, he returned with the 10 single first class seats towards the end of the day. There are also 6 double seater first class seats to come later.

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