Thursday, 7 January 2016

Thursday - Take a seat

With the maintenance team working out of Winchcombe at the moment we had a total of 30 volunteers signed in today.

The maintenance team are taking advantage of the fact that most of the carriages are at Winchcombe for the winter close down period so they have the full facilities of the C&W works available.

One of the main jobs for the day was to swap the seats. The passengers all tend to sit by the windows thus wearing the window seats out.

So they swap the seat cushions round to even out the wear.

Two man teams here Matthew swaps the seat while Ted sits down, but only so that he can push the seat back into position.

The other team of Trevor and John.

Pete was on vacuum cleaner for the final clean up. Can you spot the big black spider?

The remains of another Christmas Cracker.

It was a worthwhile session netting over £18 for the tea fund from this one carriage.

Hang on I've just found another 5p

Back in the workshops there was again a mass assault on 9000

This was mainly washing away the grim and starting on the sanding.

Finding holes that need filling and other minor repairs.

A check of the roof by Malcolm and we agreed that it will have to have a full paint.

We will start that on Saturday, mental note, don't forget the kneeling pad!

Towards the end of the day John Hamer got cracking on the rivet line.

Its worth doing on every carriage that comes in as it can stop serious cracking later.

Cheryl applied a top coat of green to the goods van while Richard Hoy, round the corner was undercoating the south end. 

Cheryl also found time for an undercoat of cream on a display cabinet. (its laying on its back the two silver strips are in fact the track).

while Bob started on another coat of paint for the Toddington Signal Box track display board for S&T.

The carriage interior team stayed focused on 25451 here applying the mastic strip to the first of two windows to be re-installed.

Its one in the next one out.

The mastic may be sticky but its not keen to stick to the interior wood trim while you position it.

 Robin continued the varnish stripping of the large trim sections for the carriage started by Paul Yesterday

applying a coat of Peruvian Mahogany stain

and then switching to some varnishing of more trim sections.

 Tony and I continued our heavy duty sanding of 25451. Its 21 years since the carriage was last overhauled and the exterior paint work shows it.

 Phil was sorting out and refurbishing some carriage electrical connection cable and sockets, we will need several soon.

John Varley, below, made another new drain channel for a door, they let the water that runs down the window out. They also tend to rust and need replacement.

He also completed the welding of a door from BSK 34929 and after I had cleaned it up a bit a given it a coat of red oxide its just about ready for a new wood frame to be fitted.

Out in the barn the dirty gang were doing a temporary re-assembly of the bogie now without its broken spring. They also investigated why the location pin wouldn't drop down as it should.

Having the remains of a dead ? stuck in the mount didn't help nor did the remains of its nest.

We may be twitchy but we are no twitchers. We suspect its was a crow, its big!

They were glad to get back out side and prepare a bogie ready for transportation for wheel turning.

Finally how's this for a quick turn round.

The Guard's seat
from the DMU
36 hours later
restored and refitted. 
Thanks to Stuart for the pictures
delivery and refitting
and the Upholstery team
for the refurbishment

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