Friday, 29 January 2016

Thursday - If it doesn't move paint it!

A busy, busy day with 28 volunteers involved in a wide range of activities. It was painting on all front Robin varnishing section of window trim

having already done  one of the compartment doors for 25451.

Michael was back from a knee op and had a gentle morning painting the wheel chocks.

Maurice took on the seat frame challenge

while Dave Hancox started the priming of section of ceiling panelling.

Richard and Cheryl completed the first top coat on the Cotswold side of 9000

On the Malvern side life was rather more laid back

but by the end of the day this side was also complete in first top coat.

Ken managed to avoid the paint brush. He fitted new door edges to the Guards entrances. Ones that are low enough not to foul the doors when they are opened.

Richard Stone was back to painting the frame work of the goods van

 Nick back from his vacation in Aus was soon in the swing of things welding in a new Z section over the No 4 doorway on 25451.

He later added another section at the other end after a discussion with Steve who will now have somewhere solid to refit the wood frame work to.

Ron and Tony cleaned another window glass and refitted to 25451 and nearly completed the removal cleaning and refitting of another.

Finally I sorted out the problems with door 2 not closing. It does now and I also got the capping strip on both sides refitted and painted in red oxide.

The handle as it should be, when the door is closed, horizontal.

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