Friday, 22 January 2016

Thursday - A hive of activity

Report by Dave Clark

A very busy day, with the Paintshop a hive of activity. Including the Maintenance gang, we had 24 attending today.

Starting off with maintenance, John Appleton's team were working on the main chocolate-and-cream rake.

Martin was crawling underneath one of the coaches and making adjustments to the brake rigging.

Further along, John Appleton was repositioning a brake block so that when braking occurred the block rubbed completely on the wheel tyre. Prior to this it had been overhanging the wheel rim and thus would wear unevenly.

In the Barn, John Hamer and Ken were making further adjustments on yet another bogie to ensure the correct coach riding height. We are putting in a lot of effort to ensure that our coaches ride both well and are set up correctly. In the process John is gradually building up very good documentation on the set ups.

From now on our travelling public will no longer have to pay a supplement to travel first class.

As such Dave Hancox and I removed from both FK 13337 and FK 13329 the special notices stating there is a supplement payable. This just leaves maroon FK 13326 to do; the coach is currently out of reach at Toddington north head shunt.

The Indoor Gang, today comprising Ron, Alan and Tony, were once again busy cleaning up yet another window from SK 25451.

Inside the carriage Phil was removing the compartment diffuser lights.

And then we come to the Paintshop, which was a veritable hive of activity.

Michael was busy black glossing the cleaned up and primed electrical connectors and coach end covers.

Robin was having a field day,
-top coating three doors (two toilet and one of the corridor ends),
-varnishing another compartment door
-and numerous other small items, all from SK 25451.

He then went on to give a second coat of black gloss to the three pre-steps from the Santa coach (this coating had sand mixed in to provide a non slip surface).

We are making rapid progress repainting the first class seat frames from the green DMU centre car. With the first double now black glossed and ready to have it's furnishings refitted by the Upholstery team, John Hughes paints three sanded singles frames with red oxide. Sorry the picture won't load properly.

The high priority repaint of BSO 9000 is proceeding very rapidly, with Cheryl completing the lower panel undercoating on the Malvern side.

At the south end Bob Keyte completes the gutter panel in undercoat brown, while in the background Malcolm Dickson, safely linked up to the overhead wire, completes the centre section of roof with the first coating of "Flint Grey" gloss.

Bob later black glossed the south end corridor connection, with Dave Hancox repeating the job at the north end.

On the large scaffold tower Jeff was beginning to top coat the Cotswold side of the roof. The grey patches in the foreground are etch primer which is used to ensure that any bare parts of the galvanised roof are covered - if this is not done, the gloss will peel off fairly quickly.

As stated in previous reports, we have until the end of February to complete BSO 9000, so Ainsley made a good start inside the disabled compartment, lightly sanding down the walls ready for a fresh coat of the "Light Executive Grey" gloss paint.

Finally, Ken removed the metal protective strips from the Guards door thresholds as both are somewhat raised, in particular causing the Malvern side door to rub badly when opened. They will be replaced by thinner versions.

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