Monday, 18 January 2016

Thursday - Another 9000 blitz

Report by Dave Clark

Hot on the tail of the reports for the past two day, BSO 9000 was again very much the centre of attention as this coach has to be ready for the start of the new season. As someone commented, 6 weeks to go sounds a lot until you add up the actual days we are in - then it gets scary!

Apologies for some of the photo quality being a bit off - think my lens needed a wipe.
This notice has appeared on the door from the workshop into the paintshop.

There is always one wag - just because we are having to do the sanding of 9000 in the paintshop.

However there are times when needs must and we just have to get on with the job.  

One of the reasons was that the roof needed to be pad-sanded to allow this to be done quickly. With safety harness on, Malcolm Dickson did the centre area of the north half of the roof,

while Jim on the scaffold tower completed the Cotswold side. Hopefully we can finish the roof on Saturday and then start painting it.

My aim for the day was to get all the body side filling and sanding completed by close of play, and well done chaps, we just about did it.

 Ainsley, Dave Hancox, Jeff and Richard Hoy on the Malvern side

and with Robin, Pete and myself on the Cotswold side.

With both ends completed we were able to tape up the sides, which then enabled Bob to apply the dark grey undercoat. Painting at last!

Inside the north end vestibule Steve was busy servicing the corridor end door.

Back underneath, John Hamer and Ken were again working on the handbrake bevel gear assembly.

The handbrake wheel and column detached and lying down in the Guards compartment. This definitely needs a repaint!

With so much sanding going on, any glossing or varnishing jobs were out of the question. However, base level painting could still be achieved. Phil was adding etch primer to a number of cleaned up electrical connectors.

Richard Stone was undercoating more prepared planking for the Wartime Van.

With its repaint complete, the track diagram box for Toddington signal box is put back together by Phil.

A job with rather less urgency is repainting the wooden steps used for access to the Santa coach.

Following a light sanding, Michael applied dark grey undercoat to the three pre-steps. These will be painted black with a white stripe down each edge.

Another inter departmental job, the woodwork team have made up a number of chocs for the Loco Dept.

All have the relevant loco id written on (Hall, 2807 etc.) as each set has been cut specifically to suit the various wheel diameters.

Back in the Workshop, Alan Jones and Tony Baker were preparing another of SK 25451's windows ready for remounting.

With the window back in place, Tony cleans up around the internal frame.

Paul is busy sanding down one of 25451's internal doors, prior to it being painted in undercoat cream.

John Varley was making more door drainage channels for the door team.

Richard Bates is modifying lamp shades for a single, rather than the original double, bulb. These are destined for SO 4772, and in effect is repeating what Ron Bennett did some time ago for SO 4790.

Finally, a bit of tidying up outside. With another set of bogies sent off for tyre turning, this remaining one was shunted around to the Workshop siding.


Anonymous said...

Must be DUST on the Lens Dave.

Dave Clark said...

Good one! :-)

I think actually it was misting up as it was pretty chilly outside, and I was going both outside and between the different parts of C&W, so lots of temperature changes. Shame because it spoiled the photos.