Monday, 18 January 2016

Saturday - Sanding Over

I was off at the Volunteer Liaison Meeting so old called in long enough afterwards to see what was going on and grab some blog pictures.

So starting from the very top of the list of things to do Malcolm, having finished the sanding of the roof, started on the painting. 9000 has a long way to go.

To help speed things along John was vacuuming of the rest of the dust from the sides of the roof ready for that to be painted as well.

Alex has already started on painting the Cotswold side.

While Dave is starting to paint round the window edges.

We will need some much bigger brushes to get the whole job done.

Moving into the workshop Steve is making and fitting a new top edge for both door openings. Here he is clamping in place the piece for the Cotswold side.

while just in front of him Paul was sanding a window surround section ready for re varnishing.

25451 is still largely in the hands of the welders. Andy still preparing the top corner of the north end.

while James put finishing touches to the opposite bottom corner.

I hope you have passed the Dave painting exam James!

Richard is investigating what is hidden behind the capping strip by the centre door.

Not a lot apparently its supposed to be metal.

I returned to the workshop just after John Osborn completed the welding repairs to another window corner on.

Another one that can go back in.

Moving out into the ice box barn Malcolm John Squires and Richard J were sizing up the last section of the replacement pipe work for this carriage.

Never missing an opportunity for a little repair here and there Richard sorted out some damage to the centre door.

 With more jobs now being done on the bogies Phil started setting up an additional vice for use in the barn.

Out on the Maroon rake in the yard the seat swapping exercise was completed and Andy T and Ian ware left to do the tidy up.

Having mentioned seats no blog would be complete without an update on the DMU seats!

John Hill and Jenny completed the first of the first class seats this afternoon

having already done a couple of the head rests.

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