Sunday, 3 January 2016

Saturday - new year new start

With the running season over today was largely dedicated to a big shunt.

This was firstly to move the externally completed DMU out of the paintshop.

With that out and consequently everything else out as well there was the chance for a big clean up

before we startedthe new year by bringing BSO 9000 into the paintshop.

Checking it over, Steve started by investigating the reported problem of the south end corridor connection door not sliding. The door is now off and the runner mechanism is bring overhauled.

We also returned the other carriages to their original positions. Enabling James and John Squires to get back to the re-panelling of the north end of CK 25451.

The first corner section is tack welded into place now there is something to build from.

Andy was also able to get back yo preparing a window corner.

John Squires also set about the emergency brahe mechanism.

The other and major landmark for the department was the upholsterers completion of the second class seats for the DMU. Penny Dave and Jenny stretched the cover onto the final seat.

While Dave started on the first class seats

Jenny, somewhat hidden, moved the completed seat

to join final pile of seats awaiting refitting.

So out with the old and in with the new.

Happy New Year everybody!

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