Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A big contingent arrived for C&W duties today, 26 in total. That enabled a wide range of tasks to be undertaken.

9000 will be the central focus for a while, the carriage had a major refit completed in May 2010 so this should be a quick repaint with a few fault fixes.

However, we are still progressing many other things as well.

On 9000 Russ and Trevor were washing the paintwork down on the Malvern side. The south corridor end was also given a good wash down by Dave.

Rod and Dave worked on the Cotswold side, reaming out more of the rivet line and scraping away other areas of bubbling paintwork.

Those of us who go in for the heavier duty sanding are still focused on 25451 in the workshop. I was working on the Cotswold side while Tony sanding the Malvern side of 25451, as was Ralph.

In past weeks Tony has removed, cleaned and undercoated the sliding windows from the carriage and I have worked surround of the resulting holes. Today , having made some space on the paintshop work tables, Maurice started on the long haul of top coating the sliders. 14 pairs of windows.

and Craig was test fitting the north end door on the Malvern side of 25451.

The check list for door fitting is long and detailed for a good reason. We don't like the idea of passengers falling out and sometimes in their enthusiasm they tend to lean on the door rather heavily to get 'that Picture'.

Paul was completing the panel for the next door.

In the upholstery shop Dave and Penny started on the base seat structure for one of the first class seats.

while John was finishing the base plate for another. Hope Eddie doesn't see this. Woodwork in the upholstery shop what next!

 Fortunately Eddie was busy reviewing which stain to use for the blue DMU interior panelling.

Because of difficulties getting enough of the spirit based version of the Golden Pine, we may have to go for the darker Yellow Pine. We prefer using spirit, rather than water, based wood stains.

Phil building a new frame for the woodwork shop to enable better storage for the pre-cut wood strips, beading, etc.

Elsewhere Peter Holt from the Maintenance team was working on a cistern flush valve from one of the toilets (not sure which coach, probably 25451)

John Hamer and Ken were working on the north end bogie on FK 13337 "Gillian", preparing for another lift.

while Paul, who eluded the camera, stripped the varnish from a number of sections of trim for 25451.

Thanks to Dave for most of the pictures today. I could only do the morning session before dashing off to support the youngest grand-daughter in a swim gala. Her 2 first places and an overall team win made for a very good day.

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