Friday, 29 January 2016

Thursday - If it doesn't move paint it!

A busy, busy day with 28 volunteers involved in a wide range of activities. It was painting on all front Robin varnishing section of window trim

having already done  one of the compartment doors for 25451.

Michael was back from a knee op and had a gentle morning painting the wheel chocks.

Maurice took on the seat frame challenge

while Dave Hancox started the priming of section of ceiling panelling.

Richard and Cheryl completed the first top coat on the Cotswold side of 9000

On the Malvern side life was rather more laid back

but by the end of the day this side was also complete in first top coat.

Ken managed to avoid the paint brush. He fitted new door edges to the Guards entrances. Ones that are low enough not to foul the doors when they are opened.

Richard Stone was back to painting the frame work of the goods van

 Nick back from his vacation in Aus was soon in the swing of things welding in a new Z section over the No 4 doorway on 25451.

He later added another section at the other end after a discussion with Steve who will now have somewhere solid to refit the wood frame work to.

Ron and Tony cleaned another window glass and refitted to 25451 and nearly completed the removal cleaning and refitting of another.

Finally I sorted out the problems with door 2 not closing. It does now and I also got the capping strip on both sides refitted and painted in red oxide.

The handle as it should be, when the door is closed, horizontal.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Wednesday - pick your side

Another good turn out with 23 present.

The first class DMU seats are starting to come off the production line. John, Penny and Dave were all busy again today.

The underside of seats are frequently labelled with identifying marks showing where the seat fits in the carriage.

It seems we are not the only ones who find it difficult to decide how to identify which side of the carriage is which.

Towards the bottom of this picture in chalk its clear that this seat comes from the CHIP SHOP side.

Get out of that!

 Maurice Norman using some trestles to get round the seat frame.

Rod giving another coat of paint to the display cabinet.

 The Malvern side was the focus on 9000 today Russ bringing the top section up to first top coat.

Trevor was concentrating on the corridor connection doors.

Richard Bates from the maintenance team popped in today. He is working on light fitting conversions. We only use one bulb not the original two used by BR in the side light fittings.

On 25451 Mike helped Craig and myself put door 2 back on the Malvern side of the carriage. Craig is inside the door way fitting the locking nut.

Sorry no picture of the hoist in action as I was on pulley operation duty. Its so much easier than trying to lift the door all the way up there.

After a check all round a test close of the door. OH dear!

When shut properly the handle should be horizontal. Further investigation is clearly required. The door is on the lock but not correctly.

Its not much compensation but at least there is good clearance all round.

 After fitting the new drain channel we felt that it was a little narrow so after a chat with John Varley he modified it by adding about 3mm to the length. That will make it a lot easier to fit the other components back into the door.

A stack of new door finger pulls under construction by Eddie and the woodwork team.

We are waiting on one of these to complete door 2 from 25451.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Tuesday - Painting and padding

Report by Dave Clark

Thirteen in today.

Starting with BSO 9000, Cheryl paints on the first coat of GWR Brown. Always her favourite job, two thirds of the brown panel on the Cotswold side were completed.

On the Malvern side Richard Hoy begins the first coat of GWR Cream.

Inside the disabled compartment Ainsley repaints the ceiling.

It was another day of miscellaneous painting projects, with the Santa Grotto steps in the foreground receiving more white edging,

while Keith painted seat frames from the first class compartment of the DMU centre car.

With her coach painting job finished, Cheryl transferred to the Wartime Van, assisting Richard Stone by top coating more of the prepared planking.

In the Workshop Richard Stone taps down more painted planking before bolting it into place.

Phil sorts out more nuts and bolts for securing the woodwork.

At the north end of SK 25451 Richard Johnson is sanding down areas he has filled. All this was later given a base coating of undercoat light grey.

There was plenty happening in the Upholstery shop with four in today. While Dave Dron strips another first class cushion from the DMU centre car,

John Hughes strips seat arms.

Across the other side of the table, Penny Dron shows Vivian how to re-cover a cleaned up seat arm.

Later Penny is removing old foam padding from a stripped seat arm.

Vivian was applying new padding to seat panel. A whoops moment from Vivian as she discovers that she has not only stapled new moquette onto the side panel cover. but the staples have gone right through and secured the panel to the worktop!

It was soon rectified.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Saturday - all systems go.

 While big progress was made again on 9000 there was a lot of other things happening as well.

We haven't forgotten the DMU seats. As if we could!

Alan applied red oxide to some more seat frames

while Dave moved the previous one onto black top coat.

and Penny removed the arm rests from the next frame.

Back in the upholstery shop she returned to sewing the next cover.

Dave stripped another seat base and rebuilt that

 while John Hill built up a seat base.

Thus the production line continues.

On the goods van Steve continued rebuilding the entrance door frames

and Richard Stone applied another coat of paint to the side planking for the van.

So that's what scaffold towers are for. The perfect drying rack for the planking.

Andy was continuing to work through the maintenance teams work list. Here rebuilding a door stop strap.

Ian was doing another one.

The welding is continuing at a good pace on 25451 with James now working on the Malvern side of the north end.

John Osborn having done a window corner replacement also patched the bottom edge of door 5 from the carriage. I replaced what remained of the drainage channel with a new one from the stock made by John Varley. The door is now ready for the door team to tackle the panelling.

Chris Taylor prepared and got door 3 remounted on the carriage. A little planning of wood here and there was needed for a good fit.

So to 9000 where Paul was painting the ends and all the fiddly bits round the buffers and connections.

Alex completed the top brown and cream sections of the Cotswold side passenger section of the BSK. We still have the Guards door and parcel section of the side to go.

We rather suspect we set, for us, a bit of record completely painting the roof in under 3 hours.

 Maurice down the right, Malcolm down the right and me in the middle.

We finished just in time for me to climb of the roof and met up with a group of prospective volunteers and take them on a tour of C&W.

You might think Maurice deserved a sit down.

Actually it was the most comfortable position to paint the brown section at the top of the carriage without getting the scaffold tower platform heights adjusted.

Alan finished the day painting the white side edge strips on the Santa Steps.